extra_anne_curtis_whisper.jpgThis afternoon, Whisper welcomed actress Anne Curtis as the endorser of their newest feminine pad variation, Whisper Cottony Clean. The bubbly Showtime host engaged in a series of Q&A’s (truths) and physical challenges (dares) showcasing her bold and active personality. Member of the press tossed questions into a fishbowl and spun the truth-or-dare roulette that dictated Anne’s fate.

With a cheerful smile, Anne bravely took on three dares at the press event: learning the Whisper Girl Dance (on the spot!) from the girls of the Philippine All Stars dance crew, challenging her physical limits with a game of Twister, and performing yoga poses with the help of Vinyasa instructor Roland Dela Cruz. All these she completed with poise and grace.

Anne didn’t balk at the press’s questions and gamely answered each one of them. Check out her answers below!

Q: As a girl, if you have your period, there are times when we’re not exactly comfortable doing physical challenges. Can you share with us any of your experiences?

A: Well, siguro with my lifestyle, I’m always so active, makulit, kiti-kiti. So my past experience, I have been awkward and uncomfortable but now of course na I discovered Whisper Cottony Clean, it gives me confidence. I don’t even feel like I have my period.

Q: A heavy flow day is the most inconvenient day of your period. Does Whisper help you deal with this?

A: Yes, I would say so. Are we all girls here? (laughs) Mostly girls, no? Usually, I think the heaviest days are the first and second days. And I think that girls are more prone to being uncomfortable then, diba? Sometimes you tend to get irritated because you feel so heavy, right? But with Whisper, because of the soft cottony cover, I feel fresh, and it just gives me that feeling of confidence that I won’t have any leaks on all sides because of the circles of protection. No worries! I have a happy period. (laughs)

Q: Are you willing to sacrifice showbiz for love?

A:  That’s hard. For me, hosting and acting . . . that’s one of my passions but of course when you’re in love, that’s also a passion for you. I think it’s more about finding the right person because if that person really loves me, he’ll support, you know, your career. Of course, when I’m married and have children, then I can let go of my career, but as of now, no! (laughs)

Q: Among all your leading men, who is your favorite and why?

A: Who’s my favorite? My favorite? I think it’s so hard to choose a favorite because my [leading men are different] but to choose a favorite, I think the funnest talaga was Sam. Basta. He’s the funnest to work with. Right now, I’m enjoying the company of Jericho. What we’re doing right now is my soap Green Rose, it’s my teleserye. At least, it’s a little lighter than Baler. So I’m enjoying the company of Echo and Jake.

Q: What’s your beauty regimen? How about your diet and exercise routine? What do you do to look this good?

A: Well, nothing. (laughs) No, beauty regimen naman, when it comes to taking care of my face and everything, I make sure that I always take off . . . if I’m wearing makeup. Pag hindi na kailangang magmakeup, hindi na ko nagmamakeup. (If I don't need to, I don't wear makeup.) And dieting? I go by the way of my jeans. Kung masikip na yung jeans ko, kailangan ko nang magpapayat. (If my jeans are tight, I have to lose weight.) I [play badminton], doing yoga.

Q: What are the challenges you had to go through to be where you are now as an actress?

A: I’ve been in the business for 13 years so there’s a lot of challenges, I can tell you. And I think the whole country witnessed all the challenges I’ve been through. It wasn’t easy. There’s been, of course, my past scandals, and there are of course is the tsismis, and then there’s no work for a while, struggling to pass over from being a child actress to becoming an actress. So there’s a lot of struggles but through patience and perseverance, and confidence and having a passion for what I’m doing, I’ve been here for 13 years. So I’m just happy. Thirteen years!

I started when I was twelve with Magic Kingdom and then I did TV. That’s one of the things my dad actually . . . we were talking about a few days ago. My dad said, “I’m so proud of you Anne, because it’s so hard to make that transition of being a child star and then still being in the business as a host or as an actress with more of daring roles.” I said, “Dad, thank you!” (laughs) The struggles, the transition, having no work, and then battling tsismis, but as my dad always tells me, just as long as you have two feet on the ground and a good head on your shoulders.  

After the event, reporters from different media channels (ABS-CBN, TV-5, PEP.ph) asked Anne about her passions in life and what she's currently up to in the 'biz. Here's what Anne had to say:

Q: How do you feel about being the new endorser of Whisper?

More than anything, I'm happy because it's something that I use and I trust even before I was chosen to be their ambassadress or endorser. Pag nakakakuha ako ng endorsement, I always make sure that it's something I'm confident and of course being able to promote and to encourage others to use. Sobra akong natuwa na okay, finally! Kasi first time kong mag-endorse ng feminine napkin so happy ako that it was Whisper.


Q: What are the five things you like about being a girl?

We're allowed to get away with buying as many shoes as we want (laughs), and it's not considered a sin. We're allowed to have hours of spending time at the salon and bawal magalit. (laughs) We don't always have to carry the heavy things kasi out of politeness and being a gentleman, of course kung sino mang kasama mo (whoever's with you) they will do that. More than being a girl, being a woman, I think it's giving birth. That's one of the things I'm excited for. Of course not now, in the future. We can have as many colors of lipstick as we want for any mood that we want to make bagay to our outfits and everything.


Q: Bakit sobrang comfortable ka sa singing mo? (Why are you so comfortable with your singing?)

Kasi yun talaga yung talent ko. (Because that really is my talent.) (laughs) I guess kasi it's, more than anything, even acting, dance, siyempre sanay na ako (of course, I'm used to those). Singing kasi frustrated talent ko yan eh na parang it's something I love to do. Hindi man ako talagang bliness ng boses ni Sarah o ni Reggie o ni Rachel, tingin ko naman I can carry a tune. (I may not have been blessed with the voice of Sarah or Reggie or Rachel, but I think I can carry a tune.) Naks!

Q: Ang daming non-singers na gumagawa ng album just to have an album. (There are so many non-singers  who make an album for the sake of having one.)

Oo nga, alam mo, matagal ko nang sinasabi sa Viva yun. Thirteen years na ako sa kanila, hindi pa rin nila ako binibigyan kaya nananawagan po ako sa ibang record companies. I'm ready. (You're right, you know, I've been telling Viva this for a long time. I've been with them for 13 years, and they still haven't given me a chance, so I'm asking other record companies. I'm ready.) (laughs)

Q: Are you not afraid of Lea Salonga's comment, di ba sabi nga niya noon (didn't she say before that)—

Sabi ko, kahit po ako
, (I said, even myself) Miss Lea, more than anything kasi di ko siya kinakarir as a career. Everyone knows that when I'm singing, it's for fun and it's something that I love to do. At tanggap, tanggap naman na ganun mapa-Jed Madela man yan, Miss Lea Salonga, Miss Regine, natutuwa silang lahat sa mga pagkanta-kanta ko. (And they accept that it's like that, even if it's Jed Madela, Miss Lea Salonga, Miss Regine, they're all happy with my singing.)


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Q: Anong ibang makikita namin sayo sa second season ng Showtime? (What new things will we see from you in the second season of Showtime?)

Siguro hindi sa akin
but more on the contestants. Ang daming magagaling na naman, ang daming makukulit. But I have to say yung batuhan naming mga hosts, yun talaga eh. (There are a lot of great contestants, a lot of mischievous ones.)

I think that's also the charm and magic behind Showtime. Kasi andun talaga yung bond, kakulitan na kahit 10:30 na ng umaga kami pumapasok, hindi ko nararamdaman na napuyat ako from taping kasi makukulit. Lalo yung mga feedback from Twitter, lahat talaga super tweet sila na, "Nakakatawa yun, lalalala." (Because there really is a bond, we're all teasing each other that even though we go to work at 10:30 in the morning, I don't feel my tiredness from taping since everyone's so hyper. Especially the feedback from Twitter, everyone really tweets that, "It was funny, lalalala.")

Q: Sa Showtime hindi ka masyadong pa-sosyal. Paano ka nag-shift? (In Showtime, you're not very fussy. How did you shift?)

That's the good thing about it kasi that's who I really am. Yun nga yung pinag-usapan namin ni Direk na parang on ASAP you see It Girls na pasosyal, fashionista. (That's what Direk and I have talked about. On ASAP, you see me with the It Girls who are fashionistas.) But I'm really bugoy and nalalabas yun sa Showtime. That's why it's effortless eh. Fun lang, walang script-script. Kulitan lang… Kahit puyat ako from Green Rose taping, diretso Showtime, walang pagod.

Q: Sobrang passionate ka daw sa show and that's the magic daw. (You're really passionate about the show and they say that's the magic.)

I think it's not only me, but it's the Showtime team. We're family.

Q: Anong kaibahan [ng Green Rose] sa ibang nagawa mong teleserye? (How does Green Rose differ from your other teleseryes?)

Yung last ko kasi was The Wedding, which was light. Eto medyo drama ulit. (My last one was The Wedding, which was light. This one's a little bit dramatic.) So I'm excited. Lahat kasi from all aspects, Alessandra de Rossi, Jake, Echo. Alam mong you have to be on your game kasi kung hindi lalamunin ka eh. So ang sarap ng feeling ng ganun eh, yung talagang "aarte ako," yung ganun… Pinaghandaan naming lahat. (You know you have to be on your game because if you're not, you'll get swallowed up. So it feels really good, that you're really thinking, "I'm going to act," that kind of thing...we really prepared for this.)


Q: Ano sa mga struggles mo yung pinakamahirap na pinagdaanan mo? (Among your struggles, which do you think was the most difficult?)

Siguro nandun din yung time na wala akong work. Iniisip ko, itutuloy ko pa ba to o uuwi na lang ako sa Australia to finish my studies there? Pero na-bless ako, lumipat ako sa ABS-CBN and after that, never na akong nawalan ng work. (Maybe the time when I was out of work. I was thinking, should I continue or should I go back to Australia and finish my studies there? But I was blessed, I shifted to ABS-CBN and after that, I never ran out of work.)

Q: What made you decide na ituloy bago ka lumipat sa ABS-CBN?(What made you decide to go on before you shifted to ABS-CBN?)

Inoffer sa akin yung teleseryeng Hiram, which was a big and major project of ABS-CBN kasi it was Kris Aquino, Dina Bonnevie, Heart, and Geoff, so it was my first mature and kontrabida role. Tinanggap ko yun and from then on binigyan na ako ng sariling teleserye. (I accepted it and from then on, I got my own teleserye.) Nag-Kampanerang Kuba ako after that. Alam mo yun, I believe that blessings are given to those who wait patiently.


Q: Sa sobrang busy ng schedule mo, may time ka pa ba para sa personal life mo? (Since your schedule is so busy, do you still have time for your personal life?)

I try to make the time. Pero ang hirap talaga kasi every day tapos may teleserye tapos yung movie ko pa, In Your Eyes. (But it's really hard because every day and then I have a teleserye, then my movie.) It's hard but I'll try to make time. Lalo na yung dad ko, nagtetext na nga sa akin ng (Especially my dad, he texts me), "Should we include in your contract to have one free day for me?" Sabi ko, "Daddy, I'll make time. I promise, I promise."

Q: How do you relax from all the chaos sa schedule mo sa work (from your work schedule)?

When given a free day, I either go to Pampanga to visit my dad or wala, nag-sasalon, ganun. If I have time, yoga.

Q: How about your love life?

My love life, it's something that I've learned from the past that I'd like to keep quiet na lang about it. Being in the industry, the press can either make it or break it. Kung talagang ano, dapat i-keep quiet na lang para hindi na maapektuhan. (If there's really something, you should just keep it quiet so that the relationship won't be affected.)

Q: Happy ka ngayon? (Are you happy right now?)

I'm happy!

Q: At keep quiet ka sa love life mo especially with?

Secret! (laughs)

With her energetic personality, fierce determination, and willingness to try new things, Anne Curtis is all set to conquer the new challenges her career in show business have in store for her. Just like the working FNites out there, Anne lives the active lifestyle, and she's not afraid to push her limits. Want to see more of Anne at the Whisper Dares Anne event? Scroll through the gallery below.

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