Daphne_Osena_Paez_article.jpgDaphne Oseña-Paez is what you would call a multi-tasker. She hosts the popular home and lifestyle show Urban Zone; designs her personal brand of bed linens, lamps, and most recently, furniture; and strings together artsy, antique jewelry that is all the rage among fashionistas young and old. Not just that—she was also appointed UNICEF’s Special Advocate for Children (a first for any Filipino), and she’s a committed mother of three. The fact that she does it all with such poise and elegance makes us wonder: is Daphne some sort of Superwoman?

Super-heroine or not, it’s hard to deny that this working mom looks wonderful on the cover of Good Housekeeping. As the mag’s muse for the month of October, Daphne looks calm, cool, and collected—something that she endeavors to translate into her family home.

With a growing brood of daughters, Daphne is only to willing to agree that maintaining a tidy house can be a bit of a challenge. Still, she manages it through practical, organizational measures that any woman with a bit of time and patience can replicate.

Is your cleaning curiosity piqued? Read on for 6 housekeeping tips from Daphne herself!


Organization is key! Whether it’s a to-do list, timetable, or calendar, Daphne suggests putting a together a cleaning plan—and sticking to it.


A great way to keep your house organized is to separate areas with different functions from one another. This way, any mess is confined and can be tidied easily. Daphne tells Good Housekeeping, “When we renovated our bedrooms…we created zones and gave purposes for each. Our bedroom is just a bedroom, no work table, no computer.”


Word of the day: de-clutter. Since closets are often the first things in the home that get messy, Daphne says it is wise to keep only what you need. “Make room for new purchases by putting away or donating old clothes. You’ll see your clothes better and find things easier.”


Any woman with children knows that scattered playthings contribute immensely to a house in disarray. Avoid all the mayhem by getting the right storage for the toys. “Use organizing bins to keep them in order,” says Daphne. “Keep them in categories: dolls, games, books.”


Limit the amount of bottles and containers you leave lying around by going green with the housecleaning. That means using homemade remedies that don’t require any packaging. Daphne says, “Instead of chemical glass cleaners, use vinegar and water. To clean the microwave and fridge, use baking soda.”


Put old things to good use by repurposing them for your daily needs. Bring old bags to the supermarket so you won’t need plastic bags to transport your groceries in. Buy the largest shampoos, soaps, and cleaners so that you can just transfer the liquids into small jars or containers you already have at home. “That way, there’s less garbage,” says Daphne. Less garbage, less clutter!

To read more about Daphne, grab the October 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping, out now.

(Photos by Sara Black)
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