Angel_Aquino_article.jpgShe’s walked countless runways and graced the covers of innumerable magazines; has a TV-hosting repertoire that includes hit women’s programs like F! and Us Girls; and is the longtime face of one of the most luxurious spas in the country. But the best part about model, host, and current Magkaribal contrabida Angel Aquino? She does it all without batting an eyelash.

In the October 2010 issue of Women’s Health, Angel shares, “I don’t compromise the name that I’ve made for myself. I’m happy. Now I’m finding balance between my work, time for myself, and time for my kids.”

This is great news, seeing as Angel’s rise to the top hasn’t always been so serene. She was pregnant for the first time at 19, then separated from her husband after the birth of her second child—who was born with hydrocephalus, meaning her brain contained a abnormal excess of fluid.

Now both Angel’s girls, Iana and Thea, are healthy teens—which Angel says is thanks to the faith she had while raising them. “Faith is what brought me this far with them on my own. I guess something inside me just trusted that I could.”

And Angel’s not doing bad herself—playing the resident mean girl on a smash soap opera, carrying out weekly hosting duties alongside good friends Chesca Garcia and Iya Villania, and looking as good as gold on every chi-chi print ad for The Spa. Plus, she’s in a committed relationship with actor and businessman Lui Villaruz, whom she describes as “so understanding.” What more good a girl want? “I’ve lost myself sometime in my life,” Angel tells Women’s Health. “I’m just so lucky I got myself back.”

Curious about how Angel taps into her inner calm and keeps centered? Read on for tips from the star herself!


When you’re faced with a stressful situation, Angel’s advice is not to panic—instead, take time to really look at the problem from all angles so you can find the best way to solve it. “I always tell myself to step back and analyze the situation before I react.”


In the same way, lead with your head, rather than your emotions, so that you can think clearly with unclouded judgment. Angel says, “I try to compose myself so I can see what’s really going on and how I can get past it.”


Are you a blurter? Put a lid on it. Saying exactly what’s on your mind, without first revising it tactfully, may end up hurting the feelings of others. “I’m careful with my words and actions because once you say or do something, you can’t take it back,” Angel explains.


Our mothers have told us the same thing since we were little kids—get some rest! “Sleep is very important,” says Angel. “When you’re young, you tend to sacrifice your health, but you’ll enjoy life better if you’re healthy.”


“I love being around my kids, nephews, and nieces,” Angel admits. “Their youthful energy rubs off on me. Being with people who make you laugh allows you to forget about all the other things in your life.” Figure out what you enjoy doing, and try to sneak in a little of it every day.


People underestimate the calming power of a long, deep breath—but Angel says it’s one of those things you should never forget to do. Breathing brings fresh oxygen to your brain, rejuvenates your senses, and helps you expel any bad vibes you may be experiencing, if only just a little. Try it! You’ll see what she means.

Angel_Aquino_WH_cover.jpgTo read more about Angel, grab the October 2010 issue of Women’s Health, out now.



(Photos by Jay Tablante)

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