marian.jpgActress Marian Rivera has always been known as a fighter, and perhaps this is why she fits the bill of several TV heroines perfectly. During her career as an actress, she’s been a mermaid (Dyesebel), a superhero (Darna), and now a warrior (Amaya).  

Marian’s life in the limelight hasn’t been an easy one; she constantly battles controversy regarding herself and her relationship with actor Dingdong Dantes. Despite it all, she continues to smile and conquer the small screen with role after role.

What advice does Marian have to give for lovely ladies seeking to live their lives to the fullest? Read on for some tips.


Don’t miss out on opportunities by facing your fears and remaining open to new possibilities. Take Marian, for example—she constantly challenges herself by taking on different TV roles.  During her stint as Darna, she shares how she had a scene where she was covered in snakes. “Hindi naman ako takot sa ahas, pero sinabi ko sa kanila na totoo at buhay na ahas ang gamitin para mas maramdaman ko ito. (I’m not afraid of snakes, but I told them to use live snakes so that I’ll be able to summon the right feelings.)”


If there’s one piece of advice Marian wants to impart to other women, it’s to just be yourself. “Ang hirap magpanggap na hindi ka naman ‘yung ganung tao. Mas gusto ko, lahat na e-express ko. Wala akong dapat ikahiya (It’s hard to pretend you’re someone you’re not. I like being able to express everything. I don’t have anything to be ashamed of),” she explains. So be comfortable in your own skin, and live life the way you want to.


Don’t let anyone bring you down—especially if you know you’re in the right. Marian shares how she and Darna have one thing in common: their feisty nature. “Darna has a strong personality,” she says. “Kapag tama ang ginagawa ko, ipinaglalaban ko. Matapang talaga ako. Ganun din si Darna. (If I know what I’m doing is right, I’ll fight for it. I’m really courageous. So is Darna.)”


Whether it’s for her career or her love life, Marian knows the value of perseverance. For her roles in different teleseryes, she’s gone on strict diets, learned how to swim with a tail (Dyesebel), and trained in wushu (Darna). She even learned how to work with a body harness, something that left her body black and blue. In the end, the results were worth it—which is the most important thing.  


Even the most difficult things can become effortless if you enjoy yourself. Learn to love what you’re doing, and you’ll see your quality of life improving. For her part, Marian takes everything in stride and stays positive in the face of difficulties. On the set for Darna, Marian gamely tackled training. “Masasabi kong nag-eenjoy na ako. Siguro nagiging kumportable na ako sa mga fight scenes ko. (I can say that I’m enjoying myself. Maybe it’s because I’m more comfortable with my fight scenes now.)”

(First published in
Women’s Health as “Marian Rivera Saves the World” by Lara Parpan in September 2009; adapted for use in Female Network; photo courtesy of

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