Whether or not you subscribe to astrology, you’ll have to admit that it can be pretty fun to see what the stars are supposedly saying about you. We’ve consulted Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, an old classic which pretty much has everything you’d want to know about your Zodiac sign, and here’s what we’ve learned about how you deal with your career based on which sign you fall under.



From March 21 to April 20

An Aries employee is passionate about what she does, especially if it’s something that can keep her interested. She’s always bursting with creative energy that can work wonders especially in industries that require coming up with crazy ideas on a regular basis. The downside of the Aries’ fire is that it may be quick to sputter—when boredom sets in, she may fall fast from being a star employee to one that comes in late on a regular basis. It’s important for someone like her to find something interesting, important, and satisfying to do without smothering her sense of independence, or else she's off to greener pastures. 


From April 21 to May 21

There’s a reason why people who are determined to the point of stubbornness are called “bullheaded.” Taurus the Bull can rarely be convinced otherwise when she sets her mind on a goal she has to achieve. She’ll work silently and patiently with very little complaint, and with a respect for authority most bosses would wish all employees had. However, do her wrong, test her patience, and try pulling the rug from under her feet, and you’ll feel her powerful charge in the form of explosive anger that you won't see coming.

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From May 22 to June 21

A Gemini employee is a natural smooth-talker. She can get out of almost any sticky situation with the way she explains herself. She thinks well on her feet, too, and if you think she’s unpredictable, she has in fact already quickly studied the situation she’s in and has calculated all the possible outcomes before you can even say her name. Born to be the ultimate multi-tasker, a Gemini employee can quickly get bored with people who can’t keep up with her smarts or her pace. When this happens, trust that she'll be doing work on the side which can earn her enough money to start two or three hobbies at the same time.



June 22 to July 23

Sensitive and sentimental, a Cancerian employee likes to know that she’s appreciated simply because of the fact that she does honest work for the greater good. What she receives from a company should be the same as she puts in, and nothing less. She appreciates flattery at times, but she’d rather have the security of a paycheck. She'll get it of course (plus a regular increase), and quietly too, without even convincing upper management so much that she deserves it. She may climb slowly to the top, but make no mistake—she will get there.



July 24 to August 23

Want to know who’s the Leo in the office? Look for the life of the crowd, and chances are it’s her. The Lioness loves the spotlight; it’s where you’ll see the best of her. She is proud of herself and what she can do, and won’t allow others to dim her shine. It doesn’t matter what position she has—she can make it as though she’s the head honcho by unconsciously exuding an air of power and responsibility. But it’s not all vanity for her as she really follows through with what she says she’ll do. Her personal honor won’t allow her to break her word.


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August 24 to September 23

A Virgo employee is meticulous to a fault. She won’t let any minute detail pass her by. Whatever she does, she has to do perfectly. She also has excellent taste, which tends to rub off the rest of the team without her trying. She’s hard-working and loyal, with a sense of ethics that can be hard to find these days. There will be times that she’ll worry too much over one thing, but you’ll forgive her for that. She only wants the best for everyone, after all.




September 24 to October 23

It’s always about balance for the Libran employee. Whether it’s someone’s tie that’s crooked, or the ledgers aren’t correctly checked, trust the Libran to put everything in its proper place. She’s all for order, but sometimes in her quest for balance, she’s first to find herself confused and restless about weighing the pros and cons of certain situations. In the end, it’s all about harmony, and she shines when she finally achieves it. 

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October 24 to November 22

A Scorpio employee is comfortable with having breaks alone. In fact, she looks forward to the solitude. She can be self-contained, or smiley and giddy, but trust that there are many professional secrets that she keeps that she’ll never tell you. With work, she only moves between yes and no. She can’t be in the “maybe” territory, because she always needs to commit to something. She can also be brutally honest, but not because she wants to harm you—she’s only concerned about telling you the truth. She never forgets kindness and will return it to you ten-fold; but she also doesn’t forget an insult, and she’ll make sure you won’t either.




November 23 to December 21

If you’re working with someone who uses up her vacation leaves before June, then she’s probably a Sagittarian. A Sagittarian employee loves traveling as it asserts her independence. She lives in the now, which may initially make her seem careless or brash, but that’s far from the truth. She is oftentimes brilliant, and those flashes of awesome ideas she gets usually comes from the last place her curiosity has taken her.


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December 22 to January 20

She’s the reserved but reliable employee that comes in early and leaves the office late. Capricorns are known for their dependability, which is why your team unconsciously comes to her when the going gets tough. But she’s nobody’s doormat. She can be as determined as everyone else; she just doesn't need to be flashy about it. As she works hard, she may be too critical about herself and her mistakes, but give her time and she bounces back with a vengeance, ready to get ahead. 



January 21 to February 19

Friendly and outgoing, an Aquarian employee would almost always have someone to eat with during lunchtime. She’s not flamboyant, but she has her own way of drawing people with the crazy but workable ideas she always seems to have. You really don’t know where she gets her concepts, but everyone can agree that they’re often brilliant. She may be forgetful at times, but an Aquarian employee is a born observer, and because of this she can easily piece together solutions that benefit the team.



February 20 to March 20

The environment a Piscean employee works in can immensely affect her. If she’s in a company with a culture she can’t immerse herself in, then trust that she’ll swim away disenchanted. However, when Pisces the Fish finds a pond that’s just right for her, her creativity will blossom. Happiness can push her to do wonders; she enjoys the beauty she finds in nature and in art, which is why you’d probably hear about her museum visits or woodsy walks over the weekend. She also loves teaching—training new hires is something she can excel at and she does it with so much passion and imagination that those under her will also inevitably excel.


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