Telecommuting or working from home during the holidays may make things easy for you career-wise, but it may get in the way of relaxation and family time, reports.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin led by Professor Jennifer Glass of the Department of Sociology and the Population Research Center worked with data from two different US surveys to observe trends in telecommuting.

The results showed that while telecommuting may seem like a more convenient and flexible option, those who work from home tend to get more stressed out. Aside from an increase in hours of labor, these people also feel pressured to check emails and reply to texts at all hours, transforming them into on-call employees regardless of them being on leave.

These findings are important, especially for many mothers who opt for a remote job in order to be with their children, as they show that contrary to common belief, they don’t actually achieve work-life balance. Due to “flexible” working hours, there are those who work longer than the normal shift, and work responsibilities which should have been left outside the house slowly seep in.

This is not to say that working from home doesn’t have its merits. After all, you get to save transportation money, and you do manage to stay with your family. For those who have remote jobs, what is important is that you keep a tab of your working hours. Once you’re done with your shift, give your time to your family. Not only will you be able to set proper boundaries between you and your clients, you’ll also manage to separate work from family time.

(Photo by Victor1558 via Flickr Creative Commons)

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