If you are building, renovating or simply sprucing up your home, one of the first things that you should choose is the color scheme. The colors that you will use can help define the look, feel, and function of your property. It can also make it easier for you to pick the materials, furniture, and home décor for your space.


If you haven’t decided on a color palette yet, you should check out our list of color palettes perfect for any homeowner’s personality, lifestyle, and home design.

1. White and wood tones

This combination is versatile enough to be used in different kinds of homes. It is ideal for modern contemporary, traditional Filipino, or even Scandinavian-style homes. This is a popular color scheme because it has a classic and timeless appeal.

How to get the look: Paint your ceiling and your walls white. Pair it with wooden furniture and details. The brown-hued pieces will instantly add warmth to your space.

2. Earth colors

The term “earth color” refers to shades that are often seen in nature, such as green and brown. Earth colors are often used in family homes and bachelor pads. If you would also like a cozy and inviting home, you should try this color palette.

How to get the look: Pick furniture pieces in colors that remind you of autumn – auburn, terra cotta, rust, and yellow.


3. Gray and accent hues

If you are looking for a more modern feel, you can also try playful neon shades. However, these may be too bright for some homeowners. The solution? Just use the highlighter shades as accent hues! Gray can be the main color of your home while the home décor can be in electric blue or vibrant yellow.

How to get the look: Complete a predominantly gray space with brightly-colored curtains, pillows, and other soft furnishings.

4. Soft pastels

Who says that light blue and baby pink should only be used in a nursery? Homeowners should also consider sweet and charming pastels for the rest of their personal space! These colors can definitely help you create a calm and soothing feel in your home.

How to get the look: Give your walls a brand new look with a few coats of pastel-hued paint like soft blue, pink, violet or yellow. Not ready for a big change just yet? You can start by replacing old furniture with pastel-colored pieces.


To learn more on how to Create Your Dream Home, go here.

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