Let’s face it--work can sometimes be a huge chore. No matter how much you love your job, there will still be days when you simply can’t bring yourself to do your tasks. It’s especially difficult when the deadlines are looming near, and you still have a lot of tasks in your to-do list.

When these things happen, it’s important to find a foolproof perk-me-up to keep you going at work:. It could be an inspiring thought that keeps you optimistic as you struggle through your reports, presentations, and spreadsheets the whole afternoon. It may be the promise of a relaxing weekend at the beach, or a girls’ night out at your favorite bar after work. It may also be the gorgeous designer bag you’re saving up for, or the shiny new phone you’re determined to have. Or maybe it’s the promise of a pay raise (or even a promotion!) at the end of the month as acknowledgement of your hard work!

Still having trouble figuring out what exactly it is that you’re working for? Figure out what you want to accomplish in the near future, plow your way through your work, and start on your way to become a better version of you!

Female Network wants to know:


What keeps you motivated at work?

Tell us all about it in a comment below!

(Photo by Sailor Coruscant via Flickr Creative Commons)

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