While we can all agree that you can post anything you want on your Facebook timeline, it’s also true that it’s considered a public space, therefore anything on it can be talked about—or worse, judged—by people who get to read it. This is why it’s important to never forget the social in social media—so think before you post and stop turning it into a detailed diary of your rants, especially if you're Facebook friends with professional contacts.


You can always fix your privacy settings, but if you want to be totally safe with your professional persona online, steer clear of these work-related posts:

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1. Repetitive statements about how much you think your job sucks

We all have those momentary lapses when we just want to go on an FB rant to release all that pent-up work-related rage. However, you may want to think twice before doing that, as having your colleagues (or worse, your managers) see how much you complain about your job may affect the way you work with them, or worse, appear on your yearly evaluation.

2. Those parinig posts about officemates you don’t like

Let’s admit it: While vague parinig posts can be very satisfying, they are also quite juvenile, and whether you intend it or not, someone will more or less get what you mean and to whom you’re directing your ire. Avoid misunderstandings by being civil, and should you have something to settle with a colleague, discuss the matter in a more professional venue. If you really need to vent, then find somewhere you can do so anonymously.


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3. Rants about being overworked and underpaid

We’ve all experienced this at one point or another, and it’s a very valid employee concern. The thing is, posting it for everyone on your friends list to see won’t really give you that salary increase you’ve always wanted. Instead of going online, speak with your manager about what you’re feeling. Chances are, she’ll be very willing to compromise with you.

4. Insulting things about your boss

Or about anyone else for that matter. You won’t just suddenly go up to people and insult them in a public space, right? The same goes for Facebook—and before you brush this off, remember that anybody can easily take a screenshot of what you said.

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5. Posts or photos detailing crazy (and rule-breaking) office antics

No one may have seen you break a rule or two, but posting about it for all to see can definitely get you sanctioned. You’re basically planting evidence against yourself, and you're making matters worse than they already are.


6. Basically anything that insults a person's race, religion, or sexual orientation…

…Because the bottom line is that you just have to be a person of good character who respects other people’s choices, whether you’re online or offline.

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