An organization’s set of benefits is a good basis for how creative and versatile management can be in terms of addressing their employees’ wants and needs. The extravagance of their packages also indicates their level of success and increases their employee retention rate. Aside from the basics that include health benefits, transportation, and meal allowances, here are unconventional benefits that are being given by some companies in the Philippines:


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Travel Benefit

Company/Industry: Ad agency; HR consultancy firm

Giving out monetary incentive is a common benefit for employees who meet or exceed their targets, but some companies take this benefit to another level by treating their employees to an all-expense-paid out of the country trip where everyone can just enjoy a four or five-day trip overseas. The best thing is, employees are not required to work on those days, making it a free holiday for all.

Laundry Allowance

Company/Industry: Non-profit organization

Laundry--nobody likes to do it, but everyone needs to. Some companies understand what a pain it is to do this chore and have come up with monetary assistance to address this. Employees should have no reason to report to work with untidy clothes as it is expected that they can have them cleaned by a professional.

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Property Discount

Company/Industry: Retail company, Real Estate


If you work in a real estate company or one that has a sister company related to property development such as condominiums or apartments, it is not unlikely for them to provide huge discounts on your personal purchase. While this won’t necessarily be written into your contract, it won’t hurt to check with the HR department for verification and details. Be warned that this will include a lengthy lock-in period, depending on the cost of purchase.

Hotel Accommodation Benefit

Company/Industry: IT, Retail company, Real Estate

There are cases when employees are required to work long hours, especially on urgent projects that are closing the deadline. In some of these cases, companies book hotel rooms close to the office, allowing the employees to have a quick rest and get back to work ASAP, all the while ensuring the employee’s safety. This is also true for times of natural calamities wherein work for the project must continue progressing. It both keeps employees safe and gives them the tools necessary to work.


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Daily Lunch Buffet

Company/Industry: Pharmacy

This benefit (which a certain local pharma company is known for) includes a daily lunch buffet for its employees to make sure their people are eating the right amount of nutrients every single day.  Buffet consists of soup, three viands, rice, fruits and coffee. On top of the significant monetary savings, employees are also spared time and energy they would have spent cooking in the morning for their baon.

Educational Allowance to Dependent

Company/Industry: Food 

If you are a parent with kids in school, this allowance will really help a lot. A famous food company provides an amount for every student. The amount has an increasing value depending on which grade the kid is in. For example, a company can give a daily allowance of P100 per dependent if the kid is in Grade 1, P200 if in Grade 2 and so on.


* Sheena Abellera has an MA in Business Administration from Ateneo Graduate School of Business and is a seasoned HR practitioner.

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