When we talk about self-love, many imagine a full, luxurious day at the salongetting our hair done, nails polished, backs massaged. But Tricia Centenera reminds us that self-love doesn't have to be elaborate. Sometimes, it's just about allowing ourselves to have small luxuries in life that we truly enjoy. That, and in a bigger sense, cultivating anything that's homegrown. After all, self-love also touches on loving local.

IMAGE Courtesy of Tricia Centenera

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With these two in mind, Tricia crafted a new beauty product every girl will love: Scrub Talulah.

The self-proclaimed scrub enthusiast confesses, "I was spending so much on body scrubs; it wasn't sustainable!" But her road to producing a 100 percent locally made scrub wasn't easy, and it didn't come without a life lesson.

IMAGE Courtesy of Tricia Centenera

"I think it's important as a woman to have something that's your own and we should never let any one convince us otherwise, no matter how in love you are with them! I learned the hard way and now it's so important to me," Tricia tells Preview. "Starting from nothing after my separation in 2016, I promised myself I'd never let anyone put me in that situation ever again. Scrub Talulah was a step into the right direction for me," she adds.

IMAGE Courtesy of Tricia Centenera

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Armed with renewed hope and an undeniable love for good skin, Tricia became all the more determined to create something that was solely hers. "It all came about from my love of all things to do with body scrubs, face scrubs and face masks! I do all three things regularly during the week and when I became more conscious about what chemicals I was putting on my body and face, I decided to start making my own," she says.


IMAGE Courtesy of Tricia Centenera

IMAGE Courtesy of Tricia Centenera

This is exactly why Scrub Talulah is a product stripped down to just the basics. "Simple yet effective handcrafted product," as Tricia describes it. Her scrubs have coffee, organic centrifuged virgin coconut oil and salt as their core ingredients. "Exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, helps tighten the skin, which can help reduce cellulite." Essentially leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

But apart from doing something that gives her pure joy, Tricia also aims to share her passion with everyone. She uses the brand's Instagram account as one of her platforms to share words of affirmation and good vibes. "Scrub Talulah is an extension of who I am as a woman," she notes.  

A pack of Scrub Talulah (375g) is priced at P580 and you can order through their Instagram account.

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* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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