Breaking away from the corporate world to start your own business will always be a gamble. However, just as there are many reasons to hold on to your job, so are there reasons to try setting up shop. For one, you already have a definite advantage over your male peers.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 56 percent of female entrepreneurs say that they have a strong sense of purpose compared to 47 percent of the males. In addition, female entrepreneurs are also more likely to report greater physical well-being than their peers.

“Demographic factors alone don't account for entrepreneurs' higher purpose well-being,” a Gallup press release reports. “Rather, there is something else about being an entrepreneur that relates to liking what they do each day and being motivated to achieve their goals.”

Thinking of starting your own business? Here are a few tips from our femtrepreneurs.

Start with an item you already like.

When I.M. Presa owner Rica Presa received her first circle shawl from a friend, she loved it so much that she wore it every day. “Then people started to ask me what I was wearing because they found it very cool and fun,” she told FN back in 2013. “That’s when I knew there was a market for the circle shawls.”

She first began with 20 shawls, which sold out immediately. She then went on to buy 50 more, but stocks flew off the shelves. It was then when Presa decided to focus on the business completely and started harnessing word-of-mouth and social media to further spread word about her business.

Don’t be content with what you’ve already accomplished.
Bea Valdes’ accessories have been featured in many magazines in different parts of the world, but the designer’s eye for detail and strong work ethic won't allow her to rest on her laurels. Instead, she keeps on finding ways to add unique innovations to her design.

“Sometimes, we'll use things like shoe laces or zippers and try to render them in a way that is unexpected,” says the mom of two. “For me it’s about not settling, trying to do a little bit better every day.”

No wonder Vogue dubbed her pieces “must-have evening bags.”

Set aside a day for yourself.
Too busy raking in the profits of your business? You might end up burning yourself out. Follow in Posh Nail and Foot Massage Lounge founder Cat Ilacad’s footsteps and strive for work-life balance. While she often travels for work, Ilacad told FN that she still makes time for going out with friends, working out, and having lunch with her family.

One of her franchisees gave her a piece of advice she would never forget. “Set a day na your personal needs, lahat gawin mo ‘yon, or just one afternoon maybe or morning. Just set everything.

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