Rejoining the work force after becoming a mother can be tricky. There are employers who, upon learning of your mommy status, internally cast your resume off to the reject pile.

While the entire notion seems ridiculous in your eyes (your credentials have not at all changed just because you suddenly became a mom after all), these men in suits may have valid concerns.

Let’s face it. Most employers want to hire people who are focused with work and not with checking whether their daughter has been picked up from school or not. They want people who wouldn’t have problems working overtime, not those who have to be home by 5 p.m. every day to cook dinner.

Now, we know it's unfair, but we’re not saying that no one will want to hire you because you’re a mom, either. If you position yourself correctly to the company, you may find yourself hounded by job offers everywhere. All you have to do is reassure the company that you're serious about the job, and that you're capable of performing the necessary tasks that come with it. And to help you get that one foot in the door, here are a few tips for the interview:

(First published as "The Right Fit" in the Good Money section of Good Housekeeping Philippines' March 2011 issue. Adapted for use in Female Network. Additional reporting by Jennifer Chan. Screencap from I Don't Know How She Does It courtesy of The Weinstein Company.)

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