We don't always know where we're going to end up in 10 or 15 years. Sure, our classmates might have voted us "most likely to become an entrepreneur" in high school and we might have taken up business management in college, but we could end up becoming an makeup artist or a fashion designer instead. Does that mean we've somehow failed ourselves?

In fact, many of our GIRLTalkers have completely different backgrounds from the careers they're in right now. Check out some of their insights below.


1. caeca

I now work as a personal trainer. I love what I do! At first, my relatives were appalled that I was letting go of my last "stable," corporate job as a graphic artist. I first worked as a barista (while in school), a receptionist, and several times as a graphic artist. I realized that I actually enjoyed helping people more than making pretty pictures.

When you wake up not looking forward to the day, that's an indicator that you don't feel fulfilled doing what it is you do. You're young sis, this is the best time to experiment, find out who you are and what you want, make mistakes, and learn from them!

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2. purple_passion

Ako naman nursing grad and RN. For 4 years, I was doing freelance and online selling until one day I got tired of it and started looking for a job. I actually [didn’t] know what I [wanted], so ang ginawa ko nag-apply ako kung saan may hiring. (I actually didn't know what I wanted, so I applied at whichever company that was hiring.). I was trained at a call center for 2 months, then they ditched me. Called for a training at a hotel as front desk, they ditched me again. I was [in] a career limbo for a year, ang hirap kasi maghanap ng work kung BSN graduate ka, let alone a registered nurse kasi lagi akong sinasabihan ng mga nag-iinterview, dapat sa hospital ka nagtatrabaho. (I was in a career limbo for a year, and it's hard to look for work when you're a BSN graduate, let alone a registered nurse because interviewers will always tell you that you should be working at a hospital.) Eh sakin naman, I felt na nursing is not my calling (Personally, I felt that nursing is not my calling.). So I explored other options to "find" myself.

Right now, I'm very happy with my work. I work for an airline as a frontliner and customer service agent and I love what I do now. A lot of my co-workers have been asking me why I'm working here, I simply answer, the sound of an airplane is a melody to my ears. Hehe. Kidding aside, I really think that the hospital is not just for me... My advice, explore and persevere. It took me 4 years before realizing this is what I wanted to do. God bless on your journey!


3. wowry

Nung bata ako ang dami ko gusto. Gusto ko maging field reporter, preschool teacher, or flight attendant. Broadcast Communication natapos ko but during OJT hindi ko nagustuhan ang field kasi feeling ko bago ka pa maging reporter sobrang tagal at ang baba talaga ng sweldo kaya ginawa ko nag-apply ako as flight attendant at nakapasa naman ako. FA ako for 8 years but then ang pangarap ko maging preschool teacher ayaw mawala wala haha so ngayon kaka-start ko pa lang mag-work sa school as school coordinator, then plano ko mag-aral to get [a] license to teach.

(When I was young, I wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to become a field reporter, a preschool teacher, or flight attendant. I graduated with a course in Broadcast Communication, but during my OJT, I realized that I didn't like the field because I felt like you'd have to wait a long time before you become a reporter and the salary is really very low, so I applied as a flight attendant. I was an FA for eight years, but my dream of becoming a preschool teacher still wouldn't go away, so now, I'm working as a school coordinator, then I plan to study to get a license to teach.)

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