You’ve been working so hard in the same position for years, and probably you’re beginning to get frustrated about why your boss hasn’t considered you for a salary increase or a promotion yet. Your yearly evaluations are pretty good and you’re a competent employee—why does nobody seem to take notice?

The answer is simple: It’s because you’re not asking for it.

A feature on the World Economic Forum notes that there are too many people who are waiting for their managers to pull them up the corporate ladder, but most seem to forget that they also have to exert a bit of effort to climb it themselves.

“In today’s workplace, it’s not your manager’s job to make sure you have the necessary skills you need to advance; it’s yours,” says Alexandra and Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew in their book The New Rules of Work.


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The two authors share that while you may be good with your job, you won’t really get anywhere if you don’t even have a plan for yourself and your career. Where exactly do you want to go, and how exactly will you get there?

Here’s what you can do: Study the skills needed for the position you want, and most importantly, talk to your manager about your career path. It’s been so ingrained in many Pinay employees that to ask for an advancement is equivalent to “makapal ang mukha,” but if you know that’s been long overdue, then it’s a must to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed. At the very least, you’ll be in your boss’ radar during your next evaluations.

“Professionals who stay upwardly mobile don't let years go by without thinking about the next step; they constantly keep their career trajectory at the front of their mind," the authors write.

So maybe it’s time for you to evaluate your career plans, and remember to check in your “hiya” at the office door because knowing what you want and voicing it out can help change your path.

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