While scoring the sneakers you’ve been eyeing at half-price may feel incredibly rewarding, sometimes the journey there is anything but easy. Being the shopping veteran that you are, the sale cycle is something you're familiar with (what with malls slashing prices off items almost every payday), so you've probably experienced one (or all) of these at some point: 


You feel overwhelmed by the crowd. 

You’ve wisely decided to forego any form of shopping until payday sale starts so you can take advantage of the huge discounts. Of course, you realize everyone in Manila has decided to do the exact same thing. As if your daily MRT experience isn't enough, now you’re left trying to jostle your way through the mall.

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Your size isn’t available.

So you see the cutest little pair of stacked-heel sandals marked down at 70% off! Before you start planning the several #OOTD combinations in your head, you realize the remaining pairs are two sizes too small. Ah, the story of your life.

The lines are way too long.

Are you stuck in one of EDSA’s epic rush-hour traffic jams? Nope, you’re just in the line to the fitting room. It’s been 30 minutes and the line isn’t budging, and neither is the snaking queue to the cashier.


You sometimes low-key compete with other shoppers to get the best pick in the sale pile.

While all the non-sale items are carefully positioned on the store shelves (and easily accessible at that), all the discounted pieces can be found in one messy mound in the middle of the store. You've got yourself elbow-deep in clothes, but you also keep an eye out for things in the pile you haven't managed to check out yet—"Oh, look, she's putting that blouse down *quickly gets it before anyone else does*."

Everyone's a bit on edge. 

And not just the sales people who are trying their best to keep things in order. Shoppers (who can be savage, let's admit it) can sometimes forget niceties, so expect a slew people bumping into you without apologizing, or worse, cutting lines.

You go waaay over budget.

The tricky thing about sales is that you think you’re saving a lot, but you're actually getting carried away. Remember, the stuff you want may be discounted, but you're still shelling out money for them.


The item you bought today will be cheaper next week.

You buy into the 50%-off promo without realizing that the store is planning to do 75% off the following week. Sayang! Patience is indeed a virtue.

You experience an intense bout of buyer’s remorse.

After you come down from the nirvana of a shopping high, you realize that the wide-leg patchwork jeans you found irresistible at the store doesn’t really go with anything in your closet. And did you really need yet another navy sweater? Sigh.

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