Misspellings can be distracting, especially for someone who is reading an important email or a professional resume. For businesses, this tiny detail can affect credibility. This is why it helps to brush up on your spelling and even grammar skills every now and then!

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Here are some of the most commonly misspelled words, according to the Macmillan Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary

1. Accommodate

How it's misspelled: accomodate

2. Receive

How it's misspelled: recieve

3. Assessment 

How it's misspelled: assesment

4. Apparently

How it's misspelled: apparantly

5. Strength

How it's misspelled: strenght 

6. Separate

How it's misspelled: seperate

7. Committee

How it's misspelled: commitee

8. Government

How it's misspelled: goverment

9. Perceive

How it's misspelled: percieve

10. Convenient 

How it's misspelled: convinient 

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