There are approximately half a million new graduates every year, hoping to join the workforce and start successful careers. With this many applicants, how can a bright-eyed, fresh-faced graduate like you stand out? Scratch that! How in the world do you start looking for a job in the first place? How do you contact choice companies? What do you need to include in your resume to convince them right off the bat that you’re worth an interview slot?, the number one job site in the country, is here to answer all you ever wanted to ask about job hunting. From the kind of industries that are in demand here and abroad to the best resume you can show your potential employers—these and more are covered in its book, Jumpstart Your Career.

Expect to read advice from experts who truly know what it’s like to pursue a career in the industry that you’re interested in. Get firsthand information from those who preside over interviews. Learn what employers are really looking for in applicants.

Be the first among your friends to get a copy and you'll be the first to land a good job! Grab hold of your future and get a copy today!

Jumpstart Your Career is available in all bookstores and newsstands nationwide for P195.

(Photo courtesy of, edited by Mike Dee)

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