Becoming an OFW is not for everyone. This is primarily because leaving our loved ones for long periods of time can be dreadful, especially when the holidays roll in. Still, you probably crave for something out-of-the-ordinary in your career, and being sent abroad for business is something that can give you a taste not just of different working cultures, but also a bit of adventure. Here are some career fields you may want to consider. Note that travel opportunities offered by these careers can span from a few days to a few months, so best be ready!


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Information Technology 

Have you ever heard of EMEA or NALA shifts? These stand for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and North America/Latin America, respectively. Most multinational IT companies here in the country cater to clients from all over the world. The work is outsourced here because we are known to have good English proficiency, and are cheaper than their local workforce. Some of them invest in IT consultants from here and would request that they be flown to their head offices to have them trained and be immersed in the company culture. Naturally, the principal company pays for their lodging and expenses.


Contrary to general belief, an auditor’s role does not only cover the financial aspect of a company. There are external auditors who inspect and examine an organization’s systems and processes. This role is needed in several industries such as pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, etc. Basically, if your company has a supplier from a different country, or if the company’s product is being manufactured abroad, there needs to be some form of check and balance that would entail an auditor to be on sight and verify the quality of the service rendered. This is where the travel opportunity comes in. Your company is likely to send an auditor to their offshore partners to ensure everything is working as expected. Travel periods are usually two to three weeks per visit, but it really varies depending on the industry.


Medical Technology

A multinational company that is involved in manufacturing and selling of different types of equipment would generally require their employees to be educated on how to use the products. This type of job is most common in the medical technology field. An example of a possible role in this field is a sales trainer. Companies conduct sales force seminars to ensure that their frontliners are familiar with their products. This ups their credibility, which can both strengthen the brand and increase sales.

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Financial Services

Similar to the set-up of a typical IT company, financial 'shared services' have been booming in the country. In this structure, companies put up a centralized hub locally and then assign people accounts or countries which they would be servicing. Head offices would require their partners to fly to their country for training and familiarization of systems and processes.

Digital Content

Digital technology has encouraged many tech-savvy individuals to put up their online channels where they can create all sorts of content for public consumption. There are a lot of stories about regular people who become instant influencers due to a single viral post. There are also bloggers whose tireless toiling to create good content have resulted in loyal website followers. Their influence attracts clients to advertise on their pages. For those who have become big personalities, some companies offer travel opportunities to enable them to come up with material relevant to their brands. 


* Sheena Abellera has an MA in Business Administration from Ateneo Graduate School of Business and is a seasoned HR practitioner.


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