It’s not easy to hand in your resignation, especially when the people you've worked for have always treated you right. However, there will come a time when you need to move on and forward, and you'll realize that it’s nothing to feel bad about. It happens. Never stay just because you’re feeling guilty, because:

1. You’ll settle for being mediocre.

When you build a career, your driving force should be passion tempered by the want to support yourself and your loved ones, as well as by the desire to help those you service. If guilt becomes the main reason for you to stay in your current position, then you’ll feel that there’s no reason for you to do your best since you’re only staying just so you won’t inconvenience others.

2. You’re wasting time.

Instead of grabbing opportunities that you know are good for you, you let them slip by because you feel bad about letting go of a career that isn’t helping you grow anymore. Moreover, you’re also holding back your current company because let’s face it—you’re not giving 100 percent in what you’re doing anymore. For what it’s worth and for that chance it has once given you, value your company’s time, but moreover, value your own.


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3. You’re making yourself unhappy.

Yes, you need to make money, but you can do the same with another company, right? Or even a different industry. Sometimes, in spite of all the uncertainties, you just need to just take that leap of faith because it could just be the thing that will change your life.

4. No matter what you say or do, your company will survive.

As harsh as it may sound, here’s one thing you should remember: the company will survive without you. If you think that there’s a place out there that’s more suited for you, then leave without any regrets. It’s okay. Just make sure to give them enough time to prepare, and that you turn over your responsibilities with as much detail as possible. They’ll eventually find another person to fill the void you left, and by then you’ll be somewhere that's a better fit for you.

Sources: The MuseCareer Addict

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