The COVID-19 pandemic continues to shift the way you work. One of these changes is the work-from-home setup used by more and more companies. While this is a good health protocol, it also gives you remote work benefits such as more productivity and work-life balance. It's no wonder then that almost 50% of surveyed Filipino employees are happy to work for a remote employer. In turn, work-from-home advisor jobs have also been on the rise all over the world. If you think this career is for you, then it is time to set up an advisor home office. Thanks to the internet, you do not need to go to the office to work. Communication can be done through video calls, email, and chat in your comfort zone.


But setting up a home office needs some thought. To make sure you are productive at home, you will need these things:

  • Fast internet access 
  • A computer with all the software you need
  • Enough lighting, not only for you to better see your work but also for others to clearly see you during online meetings
  • A comfortable desk and chair. Try an adjustable desk, which you can use whether you are sitting or standing.
  • Surge protectors to shield your equipment from spikes in voltage
  • Storage boxes or cabinets for your files
  • A desk calendar to help you keep track of your work. Though you can keep a work tracker on your phone or computer, a real calendar gives you a quick glimpse of duties at any time of the day.
  • Desk decors that inspire you while working. These can be a vision board, photos of your loved ones, or plants.
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Now that your home office is ready, take a look at the top work-from-home advisor roles.

1. Financial Advisor

Job Description: In the Philippines, financial advisors are usually linked with insurance companies. But there are some who work on their own. They help clients to be financially stable through plans for insurance and investments.

Qualifications: A college degree, good communication, and people skills, the willingness to attend training and seminars 

Average Annual Salary: P257,000

2. Accounting Advisor

Job Description: Small businesses often hire freelance accountants. Duties include making accounting reports, auditing transactions, filing taxes, and renewing business permits.

Qualifications: A college degree in accounting or any related field, and at least a year of job experience. CPA is not needed but is a plus.

Average Annual Salary: P305,000

3. Social Media Advisor

Job Description: Works closely with marketing and creative teams to come up with social media plans that improve branding. Must be well-versed in social media channels. 


Qualifications: A college degree, and strong research and communication skills. Sales experience is a plus.

Average Annual Salary: P265,000

4. Customer Service Advisor

Job Description: These advisors make sure clients are happy all the time. Through chats and calls, they are the first to take care of consumers’ complaints and questions.

Qualifications: At least 2 years in college, strong communication, and interpersonal skills

Average Annual Salary: P220,000 

5. Sales Advisor

Job Description: Gets clients and books appointments with them. Gives sales support through administrative work and customer service.

Requirements: At least a high school diploma, at least a year of work experience, orderly and has strong people skills

Average Annual Salary: P190,000

Because of COVID-19, some of these jobs are offered as work-from-home on both a temporary and permanent basis. So, if you are losing hope, take heart. With these jobs, you can still work while caring for your health. During these tough times, an advisor job may just be the thing to keep your finances afloat.



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