The best bosses and leaders in the workplace are there to mentor you and guide you to be the best that you can be in your career, but sometimes there are some bosses that don't only abuse their power of authority, but also send off negative vibes that can greatly affect your performance in the office. Here’s how you can handle them.

Use discussion instead of confrontation.
When your boss criticizes you, don’t feel offended or react to it emotionally–rather, take it as a challenge to improve yourself. If they see something wrong with how you handle things, ask them for advice and learn from them.

According to the American Psychological Association, you have to understand your boss’ difficult behavior, and second, learn how to manage you own negative emotions "so that you don’t engage in self-defeating behavior (e.g., stonewalling or counter-attacking your boss)."

Keep everything professional.
You may not like your boss as a person, and it’s not actually necessary to make them your friend, but they're still your supervisor and they need to be respected on a professional level.

Wait it out.
Some bosses tend to bully their employees just for the sake of power tripping–just remember to hang in there and continue doing your job well. Hopefully, your boss will soon get tired of it, notice your accomplishments and see how much you’re contributing for the welfare of the company. Worst-case secnario: report the incidents to the HR.

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