In a perfect world, finding a good company where you can reboot your career in is a breeze. Although it may rarely go that way, sometimes life throws you a bone and you hear back from HR after what feels like a eternity.

Here’s the catch: They want you to come in for an interview TODAY. What happens now? No matter how experienced you are, it's perfectly acceptable to be a little nervous. But keep calm and work it, because here are several ways you can prepare for that last minute interview:

1. Go through the job posting/description one more time.
You may already have read about what the company needs prior to your sudden call, but there's no harm in reviewing the opening again. When you’re about to go in for an interview, it is absolutely essential that you scan the job posting, taking in key words that can help you come up with answers that are aligned with the kind of candidate they want.

2. Research on the company.
Never show up to an interview without knowing at least five facts about the company. Have they been in the news lately? What are some of their most important partnerships? Do they have any new developments? Even something as simple as knowing their mission and vision can help you immensely.

3. Review your resumé.
It's important to keep your CV updated. The easiest way to do this is to add an entry for every career milestone you achieve, but it case you need to revamp it in a rush, make sure that it at least has your most recent employer at the top of your list.

4. Come up with a few success stories.
Interviewers always ask about an applicant's experiences. You’ll have to be able to provide examples of how you’re a "strong communicator" or how you have "a lot of leadership skills." You better be able to prove that you can walk the talk.


Good luck!

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