Although allocating a few minutes for other people during stressful moments may seem silly, you’ll be surprised to know that sharing your time will actually give you the impression that you have more of it.

A new study
conducted by Cassie Mogilner of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania says that offering what little time you have can change your perspective on it.

Based on four different experiments, the study found out that playing the proverbial Good Samaritan eases the stress brought about by deadlines more than taking a moment to relax or doing other things. And since giving away time can make you feel more focused and capable, you’re actually working faster and more efficiently.

“Although it seems counterintuitive to give away any of your time when you feel your time to be scarce, our findings suggest that even spending small pockets of time to help others can make people feel more effective, and like they can do a lot with the limited time they have,” says study leader Cassie Mogilner.

So if you’re working in a highly competitive environment, remind yourself to take a breather by assisting someone in a tight pinch. Not only will you make another person happier, but you’ll also manage to give yourself a moral (and temporal) boost.

(Photo by Peter Svensk via Flickr Creative Commons)

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