Franchising a business is no longer as hard as it used to be. Back in the day, entrepreneurs would need at least a million pesos to set up shop for any of the big name corporations. But now, the food cart model has changed the game and even been duplicated across other industries. With a good head on your shoulders, a good partner, and some hard-earned money to invest, these franchises below P200K could open up another source of income in the coming years.


1. Speed Driven Car Wash

Franchise Fee: P110,000

Established in 2013, Speed Driven Car Wash has been providing location assistance and 3-day hands-on trainings to their customers-turned-franchisees for less than P200,000. The basic car wash package can even be upgraded to include auto detailing for only an additional P40,000. As more and more cars pile up in Metro Manila, there’s definitely a market to service.

For more details, visit

2. Hong Kong Style Noodles & Dimsum

Franchise Fee: P135,000

Required Space: 4 square meters

Hong Kong Style Noodles & Dimsum fall under the quick eats on-the-go category for the busy Pinay. Whether it’s a filling snack to tide you over as you sit in traffic or an affordable meal when it’s petsa de peligro, food carts and kiosks make a killing for their friendly prices and familiar flavors. Considering Hong Kong Style Noodles & Dimsum has been making a name for itself for over 15 years now, the franchise package comes at a bargain and leaves the entrepreneur to deal with finding a high traffic location to make the most of the investment.


For more details, contact Angelito Marcelino of Asia Pacific & Global Franchising Co. at

3. Pet Galore

Franchise Fee: P150,000

Required Space: At least 40 square meters

If you've gone to Cartimar then you'll easily be familiar with Pet Galore. The pet shop not only carries an assortment of leashes, crates, aquariums, and treats but also different breeds of dogs, cats, fish, birds, and rabbits. Aside from the franchise fee, though, the location of the Pet Galore franchise will need proper ventilation as well as permits for animals in order to run smoothly and ensure the safety of the pets. Consider taking a partner or two (preferably animal lovers!) when deciding to set up a branch.

For more details, contact Archie Uy at

4. Buko ni Magic

Franchise Fee: P180,000

Taking the low-cost route of a standard cart, Buko ni Magic offers a complete franchise business package that includes up to 2 kilograms of buko juice, equipment, and crew uniforms. Just find a location that hasn’t been captured by a competitor at a mall, school, or office building to increase the chances of success.


For more details, contact Magic Siomai Station at +632.393.4435 or

5. Cycle House

Franchise Fee: P199,000

The bicycle business is growing with support from both the global and national fronts on the bike as a form of transportation and exercise. Safety measures gradually increase just as communities of cyclists gather on a more frequent basis. The offerings of Cycle House are entering a market that is ready for it. As a sole venture or partnership, acquiring a Cycle House franchise and working on the renovation of a unique retail space can prove to be a pretty lucrative investment.

For more details, visit

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