It’s the day of the launch of their summer makeup collection and Happy Skin founders Jacque Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo look radiant—Jacque in a gorgeous Hervé Léger and Rissa in a figure-hugging Paolo Cabahug. The two, who are the perfect ambassadors for their brand, are clearly thrilled to reveal the results of months of hard work.

“Summer is undoubtedly one of the happiest times of the year. It’s a season for sun and great outdoor fun, but it’s not always so awesome for your skin. This is actually the most crucial time to turn to makeup that cares for the skin,” explains Rissa.

“This isn’t the time to compromise on products to achieve your flawless summer look,” Jacqe adds. “This is why we came up with fresh new colors for our summer collection.”

The two ladies go way back, having met when the former was still with Unilever and the latter a beauty ambassador. And even now that Jacque is based in Myanmar, they hardly go a day without talking to each other.

Si Rissa, I talk to her first thing in the morning, and I talk to her before I go to sleep,” says Jacque. “As in sobrang dami naming dine-develop, inaayos, kasi sobra naming OC. I’m sure nakita ninyo yung packaging namin Sobra naming OC so parang kami ni Rissa talagang sobrang career kaya like sobrang okay that we really have a very good working relationship.”

Rissa, who admits to being a perfectionist, echoes the sentiment. No wonder they’re both so attached to Viber, naming it as their most valuable app. Get to know how these true BFFs work together in our interview with them below or check out the gallery to get a preview of Happy Skin's summer line:

Female Network (FN): Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?

Jacque (J): Night owl. I wake up early though because I have breakfast with my husband because he goes to the office, and we wake up at 6:00 a.m. ganyan and still have breakfast, then I sleep again, and then 11:00 a.m. I start cooking because he goes home for lunch. That’s our thing. I make sure I cook all the meals for him. I usually work after lunch.

Rissa (R): Ako, very night owl kasi I work best when the whole household is asleep. That’s when my creative juices start running, and Jacque knows that.

J: (laughs) Pag-gising ko sa umaga, may 10 million emails ako.

FN: What do you wear when you know you need to dress to impress?

R: I always go for dresses because they hug the women’s figure in all the right places. They flow and show off and flaunt the right curves. I guess a dress is easy to put on, you don’t need to think of combining things… I guess it celebrates a woman’s figure.

J: Ako, hindi ako particular eh… Like I just wear anything, anytime, anywhere. I wear dresses, shorts, pants kung ano lang yung feel ko so usually, I just wear whatever I feel happy wearing. I usually wear bright colors. I have a lot of pastels and yellows kasi feeling ko it makes me feel happier.

FN: What’s the best advice you heard recently?

J: You don’t always get what you want, like exactly how you want it. First and foremost, you remember that you’re a good person, so every time mainit na 'yung ulo mo, remember you’re a good person, and that you should try to live by that.

R: I don’t know. For me kasi the best advice I’ve ever gotten is to stop worrying about things you can’t change kasi I’m a perfectionist—that’s my best and worst trait—and my mom would always tell me that, because she sees how I stress about the little things, and because I’m too much of a perfectionist, she would always tell me to stop worrying about things you can’t change and focus on the things that you can change or I can do something about. So I always try to keep that in mind in whatever challenge I have to go through.

J: Sobrang perfectionist din ako

R: Kaya kami magkasundo!

FN: Where do you go to de-stress?

J: Well, I don’t live in the Philippines. Usually, Myanmar kasi is an hour away from Bangkok. In Myanmar kasi, it was like probably Philippines 20 years ago, so hindi siya ganun ka advanced pa, so we usually go to Bangkok every month with my husband to spend the weekend there, and we literally just eat and watch a movie. Ganun, ganun! I think kasi pareho kami ni Riss eh, sobra kaming family-family. Newly married ako, like, less than two years, so sobra pa akong honeymoon stage or so I think.

R: I don’t have to go far away because my husband gives the best massages. And even if I try getting massages elsewhere, I could get frustrated, so every time I need one, I say, “Babe, massage please!” so there I guess I’m just lucky, I don’t need to go far.

FN: What's your instant happy fix?

J: Ako alam ko na! Ako yung aming SS Cream. Sobra kong love 'yung cream namin. Pumupunta ako ng gym, badminton, suot-suot ko siya. Anywhere, everywhere, suot ko siya kasi it’s the best. It doesn’t look like you have makeup on. You put it on, and it just looks light. Ganda ng skin mo! And your skin can breathe with SS Cream, so ako, pag 'yon, parang hindi ako pwedeng umalis ng bahay nang wala kasi feeling ko, parang kita yung spots ko, kita yung ganyan ko, but with SS Cream, sobrang bilis. Kaya yung husband laging, dati sabi niya ang tagal-tagal ko, ngayon sasabihin ko two minutes tapos na.

R: I guess for me, it would be the eyebrow products, the Eye Love You, kasi I’m very particular about my eyebrows, and you know I think all women or generally most women parang hindi ka na nakakaalis ng bahay unless your eyebrows or your lips—those are the two top things that need to feel complete before we step out of the house.

(Watermarked photos by Myra Grace Mortega-Calulo, product photos courtesy of Happy Skin)

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