Need to earn additional income? Take advantage of the new academic year! With students going back to school, there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn a little cash on the side. Check out some of our suggestions below:

1. Start a tutoring business.

If you have enough free time, why not give tutoring a try? Ask your friends for referrals and start with a few kids at a time. Once the parents see that you’re doing a good job of taking care of their children, business will definitely take off.

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2. Invest in a photocopier.

With the start of school comes the need for photocopying library materials or classmates’ notes. Look into the viability of buying or renting a photocopying machine. Ask your friends or family if anyone would be willing to get into the business with you, so you don’t have to finance the operation on your own.

3. Sell after-school specials.

Food carts have always been popular among students. Position a food stall near a school, and you’ll never run out of easy-to-please customers. Just make sure everything you serve is clean, so you won’t end up endangering anybody.

4. Offer carpooling services.

If you're lucky enough to have a car, you might be able to offer your services t0 some of the parents in your neighborhood. Ask them if they'd be willing to pay you to take their kids to school on your way to work. You'll never know just who might need a carpool service.

(Photo by Tom Small via Flickr Creative Commons)

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