Having second thoughts about the career you’ve chosen? While it’s never too late to switch, you might want to give it one more go just before you call it quits for good. Check out these tips on how to find happiness in your chosen field.

1. Grow where you’re planted.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, and if you keep looking over yonder, then you’re going to end up missing a lot of opportunities for growth. Give your career a fighting chance, and set a reasonable time table for yourself—say, a year—to do good. You may not have deliberately chosen to be where you are, but you can make something out of it. Who knows, by the end of the year, you might feel a whole lot differently about your career.

2. Focus on the perks.
Every time you feel disillusioned about what you’re doing, think of all the benefits that come with your career. Do you get to meet a lot of new people? Is the compensation good? Do you have more free time for your family? Does it fuel your creativity? Are you making an impact on society? Is there a lot of travel involved? By listing down all the wonderful things about your job, you’re less likely to throw down the towel.

3. Think out of the box.

You don’t necessarily have to be “following your passion” to be happy in your career. In fact, according to The Huffington Post, that catchphrase only started gaining ground in the last 20 years or so. Before that, your parents and grandparents were happy to have stable and secure jobs. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t follow your passion—just that it’s not always a requirement for you to be happy in your career.

4. Stop comparing yourself to your friends.
Hearing about how well a friend is doing can sometimes set off a major case of envy, but you have to remember that what worked for her won’t necessarily work for you. If you want to give yourself a shot at being happy, you have to stop looking at other people (and their social media posts) and start focusing on yourself.

5. Decompress.
Burnout is normal—even for those who are paid to do what they love to do—so it’s important for you to schedule some me-time whenever you can. Book an appointment at a spa or have a fun lunch out with your co-workers. By squeezing in non-office-related activities between workdays, you’re giving yourself a chance to recover from the stresses of your job.

6. Form meaningful friendships.

While you’re not at the office to make friends, it doesn’t hurt to have several either. According to Entrepreneur.com, 70 percent of employees think that having friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy work life. Office friendships also reportedly have a direct link with engagement and productivity.

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