Here’s probably what your life looks like now: You have a job and you have rakets, but for some reason, you always have just enough cash to cover the bills. Everyone seems to be in better financial shape than you, and you work hard for the day when you can actually shop without having to worry about how many lunches you’d have to skip paying off your credit card. You end up wondering how your parents managed to buy a house when they were your age when you can barely even pay for rent.

It may be frustrating, but you need to realize that sometimes, the hard work you put in isn’t the issue–it’s in which baskets you place your eggs.

In a recent talk sponsored by financial ecommerce website, investment advocate Mr. Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense explained that more than just making tipid, you need to make your money grow through proper investments. The problem, he noted, is that you’re probably afraid to do so due to the following reasons:

1. You believe that saving is enough.
Guess what? It isn’t. Saving is a good way to start having your own money, but unless you grow it, you’ll only be stuck with what you currently have. Study your options, look for financial products that suit your lifestyle and personality, and invest wisely.

2. You believe that you can only invest if you’re already rich.
On the contrary, you invest to get rich. How do you think those successful people got to where they are now?

3. You get your information from the wrong places.
How many times have you asked people in random Facebook groups about what kind of investment is right for you? If anything, a Facebook group is probably the last place you’d want to visit if you’re looking for sound financial advice. Unless it’s a forum started by a legit financial expert, you may want to go somewhere else, which leads us to the next number...

4. You believe that you can get sound financial advice for free.
Doctors have their fees. Artist and writers demand proper compensation. It follows that if you want the services of a real economic expert, you’ll need to pay for them, too. Think of it as part of your investment. You wouldn’t want some random person to give you money advice that he just got off the Internet, right? It’s your hard-earned cash after all, so respect your efforts enough to have a professional help you with your plans.


5. You believe that you can rely on somebody else to decide for you.
So you got yourself a financial consultant who gave you options based on your current standing. What do you do now? The thing is, you have to learn to decide for yourself. Your consultant can only do so much–it’s up to you to educate yourself to make the choices that you feel are right for you.

6. You believe that you can do everything at a later date.
It’s okay to wait for the right time to invest. The problem is, the right time is often open-ended. Give yourself a deadline, as the sooner you invest, the bigger your investment can potentially grow.

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