1. Place a lamp.
If you’re usually in the office early enough that the lights haven't been turned on yet, or if you tend to do OT, use a work lamp to brighten up your space.

2. Have a scent diffuser.
Reed diffusers are good. But if you want to up the ante, get the ones with some plastic flowers attached to the reeds. Remember to pick a scent that makes you feel calm and relaxed!

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3. Have some flowers.
Even the smallest touch of nature is good for you. But since real flowers will wilt within a week or two, you can also opt for dried or pressed ones as an alternative. It'll be fun mixing up the colors and varieties you like!

4. Hang some prints and pictures.
Art prints and photos of family and friends will help you calm down when you’re stressed, or give you that extra support or inspiration you need to get through a long day.

5. Use a tray with dividers for office supplies.
Acrylic trays are modern and chic. They also help you see everything at a glance. Plus, they will match your diffuser and your vase, so that’s great! Your desk items won’t look mismatched, and your desk will look airy instead of cluttered.

For more tips, head to cosmo.ph!

PHOTO: Flickr/Sarah Sosiak

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