After four days of pure, unadulterated bakasyon, going back to the office can be, to say the least, frustrating. Still, you’ve been through this before—Araw ng Kagitingan wasn’t that long ago—and you can go through it again. Yes, you’ll still experience separation anxiety with your bed, and yes, you’ll still have to wake up early to beat the rest of the commuters who are probably just as groggy, and therefore, grumpy, as you, but we wholeheartedly believe that you can trample post-bakasyon blues. See our tips below!


1. Treat yourself to a large and leisurely breakfast.
Now that Lent is over, you can finally indulge yourself (if you haven’t been doing so already). Start by having a really good and filling breakfast. In Turkey, that means white cheese, butter, tomatoes, olives, boiled eggs, spiced meats, and a nice cup of tea. In Italy, it usually means a cappuccino and a croissant. In the US, think pancakes, waffles, and cereal.

2. Download a productivity app.
Nothing says you're ready to go back to work more than a new office app. It's like having a new pencil case or a new bag back when you were still a student; you feel more excited to work when you have something new to play with. Our current favorite app: Carrot! Find out what it is plus more productivity apps here!

3. Sort through your pasalubong pile.
Another reason you should be excited to go back to the office? Pasalubong! Go through your stash the night before and wrap them up in pretty, personalized packages, so you can hand them to your office barkada one by one the next day. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to being on the receiving end of a pasalubong yourself!

4. Prepare a back-to-work playlist.
Every transition, no matter how big or small, deserves a playlist. Think of it as the soundtrack to the movie of your life. Start with Peter, Bjorn, and John’s “Young Folks” on your morning commute, Imperial Teen’s “Yoo Hoo” for when you’re walking into the building, and that theme for Jaws whenever you sense your boss’s presence nearby.

5. Listen to a pep talk.
Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement. Kid President’s Letter to a Person On Their First Day Here is a good one to start with. For one, he reminds you that we’re all—your boss included—glad that you’re here although we don’t say it enough. So when you show up to work bright and early, you know there’s at least one person who’ll be very happy to see you. Kid President also says, “You should give people high fives for just getting out of bed.” Hmmm… Perhaps his video was really meant for us…?

(Photo by Ben Raynal via Flickr Creative Commons)

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