Not all nightmares take place in your sleep. Some, unfortunately, have a nasty habit of crossing over to your real life. The office, for instance, can be a hotbed of negative activity. Check out these five horrifying office nightmares and pray that when you find yourself in the same situation, you’ll wake up five seconds later only to realize that it was all just a bad dream.


1. Waking up late on your first day
Maybe it’s because your body clock is still too used to waking up at noon or your alarm clock simply didn’t go off, but for whatever reason, you find yourself still in your pajamas when you were supposed to report to work an hour ago. The good news is, you already signed the contract, and unless your boss is a tyrant, he or she won’t likely fire you on the spot. The bad news is, you will have to explain why you're a couple of hours late on your first day.

Panic level: 8/10

2. Accidentally deleting your 30-slide presentation
You spend all week painstakingly making graphs, editing photos, and making a kick-ass presentation for your meeting tomorrow, but clumsy fingers accidentally erase all your hard work in just a few seconds. You tell yourself that you’re doomed, but it’s nothing a crazy all-nighter, several cups of coffee, and perhaps a few friends can’t fix. You have approximately 24 hours to come up with a new set of slides. Don’t waste time dillydallying any further.

Panic level: 7/10

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3. Nearly bowling your boss over
You’re lucky you’re not carrying a hot beverage, but running over the head honcho is still, well, running over the head honcho. All you can do is apologize profusely and wait for your boss to come down on you like a very hungry vulture on a rotting corpse. Take the time to reflect on your actions and be grateful that things didn't get any worse.

Panic level: 6/10

4. Not saving your document then getting a power outage a second later
This happens to the best of employees, so don’t beat yourself up for forgetting to save your document until it’s too late. Simply go back to where you left off or if you haven’t saved at all since the beginning, pick up the pace and start all over. An unexpected power outage is not the end of the world.

Panic level: 4.5/10

5. Getting a public execution
There’s only one thing worse than getting fired at work; it’s getting fired publicly. There are many ways on how you can handle it, but they all boil down to two: you can either take it badly or take it with whatever dignity you have left. It’s mortifying and quite possibly traumatizing as well, but how you stand up for yourself may one day spell the difference between success and failure. Keep your head high (or low, it depends on you), but try to handle your exit more gracefully than your boss.

Panic level: 8/10

(Screencap from Suits courtesy of USA Network)

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