Every once in a while, we find ourselves falling back into old habits. Even after vowing to make an effort to save more, we inevitably find ourselves going out for that afternoon coffee or buying all sorts of knickknacks to decorate the office with. Let's put a stop to these unnecessary expenses by cutting back on the following:

1. Tissue

Here's something you might not realize--it's cheaper to buy coreless tissue in bulk than to buy those pretty packets at the convenience store.

2. Merienda

It's tempting to go out for coffee with your co-workers, but if you want to save more, bring sliced fruit as baon instead. Make a thing out of trying as many fruits as you can. Mangosteen today, lanzones the next! Not only is it cheaper, it's also way healthier.

3. Knickknacks

Nobody really needs a cute paperweight or fancy pen holder. Ditch the decorative items and keep your desk clutter-free in the process.

4. Office supplies

Need a new pen? Ask your office for the standard issued one instead of buying a more expensive brand yourself. The same goes for your other office supplies.

5. New outfits

You don't always need new clothes to stand out at the office. Cut your expenses in half by being creative with your existing wardrobe. Mix and match your more recent purchases with old pieces from your college days.

(Photo from Red Bubble via porncc.org on Pinterest)

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