For busy moms, there’s always too much to do and never enough time to do them. From the moment you wake up, your mental checklist goes into overdrive. First, you have to prepare breakfast (lucky if you have help here), then you have to get your kids and your husband out of bed and out the door, which is always easier said than done. This leaves you with virtually no time to look after yourself. Before you can even lift a comb to brush your hair, you're already exhausted, and it's only 8:00 A.M. For once, wouldn't be nice if you could have more than enough time to do everything? Well, we hear you! Check out some of our time management tips below:

1. Have a precise plan for the day.

Being a busy mom means that you can’t waste time trying to figure out what to do next, so it’s important that you plan your day ahead of time. This allows you to get a sense of what your day is going to be like and also helps you hit two birds with one stone if there are any overlapping errands.

2. Use your devices wisely.

These days, smart phones and other similar gadgets can double as electronic organizers. With a stroke of your finger, you can easily access your daily schedule and update or change it as you see fit. You can set alarms to remind you of important tasks that need to be prioritized and even check traffic updates, so you won’t get stuck in a congested highway on your way to an important meeting.

3. Do everything you can in advance.

If you have time to do your grocery shopping today, do it. If you can work on your child’s patchwork project now, do it. Doing errands in advance frees you up for quality time with your family or precious me-time for yourself. As an added bonus, your kid might grow up to have the same work ethic.

4. Perfect your morning makeup routine.

Getting ready for work can eat up a lot of your time, but a five-minute makeup routine can slash it into half. Check out our five-minute tutorial!

(Photo by Damemusic via Flickr Creative Commons)

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