1. When your meetings seem to take forever

2. When you’re forced to listen to music blasting from your officemate’s speakers…

3. … And your officemate’s voice is even louder than that.

4. When a colleague gets mad and goes on a scandalous screaming fit that echoes throughout the entire floor at seven in the morning

5. When the person who sits next to you spritzes on way too much perfume that it’s making your head hurt

6. When someone with an irritating ringtone does not answer her phone

7. When people hold up the elevator because they’re busy chatting

8. When people leave the restroom sinks messy

9. When someone forgets to flush the toilet

10. When a teammate steals your ideas…

11. …and the pens on your desk.

12. When a co-worker constantly and loudly complains about everything so that people will think she’s so busy and important

13. When someone doesn’t follow your well-meaning advice, places the blame on you when all hell breaks loose, then iiwan ka sa ere

14. When the food you put in the fridge disappears

15. When people hog pantry tables even when they’re done eating and you’re noticeably standing in front of them with a tray of food in hand

16. When people resign without properly turning their stuff over

No need to table flip when dealing with these annoyances. You can always open a discussion with the offending party if you can't stand them anymore. However, if things are still bad or if they're beyond your control, it's best to approach your boss or raise your issues to HR.


PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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