1. You always carry not one, but two power banks.Just in case you run out of battery and you’re stuck in traffic along EDSA.

2. You can’t go on a day without coffee.Drinking three cups of brewed coffee before 10:00 a.m. is perfectly normal. In fact, the barista who works at your favorite coffee shop knows your name and your order by heart already.

3. You go home early... in the morning.


As long as your boss is still in the office, you stay. It's the unwritten rule.

4. You get to meet (or see) other important people.Like artistas, musicians, business tycoons, and every one in between.

5. You’ve mastered the art of stealth eating. Because you usually book your boss's flights, fix his schedule, and attend to his needs at lunch time. #LifeSkillzzz

6. You’re required to dress up for formal events. Not that you have to wear a gown to the red carpet, but you’re supposed to at least wear something decent.

7. …and when you get there, you’re unsure if you even have a seat. So you’re used to eating at home before leaving for a formal event.

8. Your phone is constantly ringing. And no, it’s not because of calls from your mom or your partner. See number 1.

9. You always remember to buy a gift for your boss’s partner.…but you forget to give your significant other a present!

10. You get to see the different sides of your boss.You’re with them most of the time so you see their good and, unfortunately, their bad side.

11. But you’re a lot stronger because of it. There are good bosses and there are nasty ones. If you’re stuck with the latter, congratulations because you’ve managed to tolerate EVERYTHING they've thrown at you. #GoodJob!

SCREENCAP: Suits/NBC Universal Television Distribution; GIFs: Giphy

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