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Real Home Makeover: Dream Kitchen Come True

A drab kitchen gets a much-needed change-and the dining room gets a facelift, too!

Real Home Makeover: Finishing Touch

In seven days flat, designer Michelle Dumlao was able to accomplish what a family has been trying to do for over three years.

Real Home Makeover: Men's Room

These five housemates get a re-do of the entire first floor of their apartment.

Real Home Makeover: The Lucky Ones

A self-confessed "contest freak" wins a great prize for her family of four.

Real Home Makeover: A Sunny Start

The upbeat living room and lanai makeover is the answer to this homeowner's prayers.

Real Home Makeover: Sister Act

A cluttered bedroom with an odd layout becomes a dreamy, relaxing haven for three sisters.

Real Home Makeover: Change Is in the Air

This makeover is more than meets the eye--along with a brand new look, three areas get a palpable change in energy.

Real Home Makeover: It's Easy Being Green

A cramped living room, dining area, and kitchen get a fresh coat of green paint and a cool, relaxing new look.

Real Home Makeover: A Super Studio!

A cluttered studio unit/office transforms into a cool place for doing business and chilling out.

Real Home Makeover: The Grandest of the Grand

Time, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of heart went into this year's extreme makeover.

Real Home Makeover: A Superpoked Space

How exactly can you make a studio unit more spacious and homey? Get tips from this Real Living makeover!

Real Home Makeover: From Top to Bottom

What started out as a living room makeover turned into one of Ultimate Makeover proportions, just in time for Mother's Day!

Real Home Makeover: Spring Awakening

See how the Real Living team gave these barefaced bedrooms a new lease on life!

Real Home Makeover: No More Room for Gloom

Take a look at how this dark and dilapidated home was revived!

Cool Contemporary Style: Space Saver

A designer converts a bare studio unit into a dapper one-bedroom bachelor's pad.

Cool Contemporary Style: Her Suite Life

This 42-sqm abode's hotel-like design is the perfect refuge for a young professional.

Modern Asian Style: House of Harmony

For this musical director, creating proper harmony takes time--for his home, he's taking all the time he needs.

Cool Contemporary Style: A Beautiful Nest

Dressed in mod furnishings and subdued colors, this bachelorette's one-bedroom abode blooms.

Modern Asian Style: In the House of Stone and Light

A weekend home receives a fresh makeover that highlights nature at its very best.

Casual Country Style: Cozy in the City

This charming family abode provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Modern Asian Style: Minimally Yours

An architect builds his dream home--minimalist and modern--in serene Negros.