Kathleen Valle


Real Home Makeover: Girl, Interrupted

Having outgrown her childhood bedroom, the 21-year-old is ready for a more sophisticated sanctuary.

Real Home Makeover: R & R at Home

A couple lets their hair down in their relaxing (and kiddie-friendly) renovated home, refurbished by yet another couple!

Real Home Makeover: Hope Floats

This Real Living Ultimate makeover brings back the lost glory of a formerly fab house, signalling a fresh start for its deserving homeowners.

Real Home Makeover: In Full Bloom

A bleak basement bedroom blossoms into a gorgeous space.

Real Home Makeover: Truly Gifted

A working mom unwraps the most thrilling gift yet!

Real Home Makeover: Mod Makeover

A designer reinvents a drab QC pad into a cool, New York mid-century modern-style hangout.

Real Home Makeover: Treasure Trove

A designer successfully merges a matriarch's two totally different but equally loved passions: antique wooden figures and coke collectibles.

Real Home Makeover: Cool Change

Solving baby and yaya space problems paved the way for a much brighter, roomier condo unit

Global Glamor Style: Love is in the Lair

A 25-sqm starter home plays up a newlywed couple's love of cool colors and happy vibes.

Cool Contemporary Style: Here Comes the Baby

A family welcomes the newest addition to their kin with a full-blown renovation of their formerly neglected home.

Cool Contemporary Style: Weekend Hotel

A designer converts a high-rise unit into a luxurious but truly homey halfway abode

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Sixties Shakeup

A designer updates a mid-century home, but leaves its good bones and retro soul intact.

Global Glamor Style: Out of Africa

A bachelor's mod condo unit becomes a melting pot of his eclectic, exotic choices.