Have you ever developed feelings for your guy best friend? You are not alone! Here, GIRLTalkers share their thoughts and experiences about dating their best boy bud.

I guess the good thing about falling in love with your best friend is that you already know what kind of person he is. Since best friends kayo, madali nang mag-give with each other. The bad thing about it is that you will be risking your friendship if you decide to enter into a different level of relationship. If it doesn't turn out well, mahirap nang bumalik sa pagiging 'best friends.' On the other hand, if it turns out okay, then ang lucky mo! You have a best friend and boyfriend at the same time. :) –GIRLTalker orangerain

I think it will be good if you are both mature persons. Mawawala na yung fear na baka mag-break kayo and mawalan ka ng lover and a best friend all at the same time... Communication, I think, is the key… -GIRLTalker ladysuncreen

Before, I used to think that having a male best friend was cool. But then I "fell in love." It's hard to tell if the feeling is mutual or not. Yeah, he tells me that he loves and all that jazz, but I am not 100% sure if he's really sincere with what he's telling me cause he also "likes" other girls. To be in this kind of situation, well, nakaka-stress talaga to tell you honestly. Kaya simula ngayon, I'm not going to allow myself to be close to any of my male friends anymore. :P Having a male best friend sucks. Haha. – GIRLTalker pinkmallowpie

My first boyfriend was my best friend; we lasted for almost five years. Everything was good, my parents liked him and his parents liked me. We were really close; we used to go to church together with my mom (as a chaperone) and we didn'thave a problem with it! But when I reached college, I fell out of love; we broke up and we've become good friends again, but not best friends. He has a new girlfriend, but I don't know if they are still together. So, for me it's a good thing to be in love with your best friend. :) –GIRLTalker mimilusciouss


Been there, done that. Sa una madali kasi alam niyo na ang takbo ng utak ng isa't-isa, alam niyo na yung mga gusto, pati ang ugali. Ang masama lang alam mo din ang tungkol sa ex niya kaya madali ka makahanap ng dahilan para magselos kahit tapos na at ikaw na nga ang GF. Madalas kami mag away, naiisip ko nun kung nung mag best friend nga kami nag aaway na kami at ang tagal naming hindi nag-uusap ano pa kaya nang kami na? Mas mahirap pa kasi para kang sumugal diyan, sinugal mo ang friendship niyo para sa deeper relationship kaya kapag nag-break, hindi na maibabalik pa. :( GIRLTalker superjuzh

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