While some women prefer to go out with more mature men, some still opt to date guys who are a few years younger than them. Here, our GIRLTalkers share what they have to say when it comes to May-December love affairs.

I have also a boyfriend who is seven years younger than me. He is not a Filipino, too. One time I brought up this issue, but he only said that, "from the start, I already knew your age, but it has never bothered me and it’s not a big deal. If it is, you shouldn't be my girlfriend in the first place. Age is only a number." –from GIRLTalker angeleyed_princess

Although I prefer older men and in the past, I’ve talked about how much I love older men, I think that it's useless to make predictions about yourself or your preference, especially when it comes to relationships. You don't know anything at all. Your views change, your outlook will eventually shift, so it's pointless to try to come up with a definite answer. –from GIRLTalker mooncake and leaves


I personally prefer guys who are much older than I am, but I'd choose great chemistry/true love over age anytime. –from GIRLTalker hisana

I did several years ago. Eh kasi naman, sobra kaming magkasundo. Although kung ako masusunod, ayoko ng younger person, pero ayun, hindi rin naman ma-control lalo na't malakas ang connection ninyong dalawa. from GIRLTalker hersmart4ever

It shouldn’t matter. I’ve dated men my age, older than me, and younger than me. It doesn’t really affect the relationship. What matters is if you share the same values and the same outlook in life as well as the same goals etc. –from GIRLTalker snikity

I don't care about my guy's age; it doesn't matter. I love him, and everything about his personality. Kasi in the long run, those physical qualities wouldn't matter at all. But a good conversation does. –from GIRLTalker miss_girl

Actually I'm in the same situation, too, at the moment. We're not really a couple yet, but yes the feelings are there. At first I was like errrr younger? I was rather hesitant on the issue since I've always preferred dating older men but lo and behold, it is true that age is just a number because surprisingly so in his case, he seems to act more mature than the other guys I've dated or those that I have been in a relationship with. –from GIRLTalker sliqchiq11

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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