Whether you’ve had a good breakup or a bad one, one question still lingers after you part ways with your ex: Should you maintain constant contact with a former love and stay as friends? Here, our GIRLTalkers give their two cents regarding the issue.

Before, I could say na no talaga. What for, di ba? But just recently, naisip ko, why not? Naka-move on na naman ako. Besides, hindi naman na best friends ang habol ko. I spent years with this person and some of the best moments of my life were with him. Parang, it’s sad na kahit naman sa FB lang di kami maging mag-friends. So ayun, I tried. I wrote him an email (I dont know where he is kasi) and until now, he hasn’t replied. Well, the ball is in his court na and at least I tried. –from GIRLTalker Joycy

Good breakup or bad breakup = No. For me, there is no such thing as "ex na friends." You can never be "friends" with your ex. Civil siguro or hindi galit sa isa't-isa. Pero friends? Hindi talaga–especially kung may bagong partner ka na. –from GIRLTalker bluemargarita

I have been in a couple of relationships and I can proudly say that I am friends with them. Even though we don't talk all the time, we still parted ways properly and without any "gaps." It's just that we're all busy now and we have our own lives to concentrate on. –from GIRLTalker spaldingfem

I make a conscious effort to stay friends or even maintain contact with an ex. Ewan ko, but they were part of my life, right? Whatever wrong they did me, I try to bring them back in my life (whatever form they take haha!) For me kasi, it's like ripping away a part of the book and the story will not be complete anymore. –from GIRLTalker pinprick

Being friends with an ex-boyfriend immediately right after a relationship is somewhat impossible. Malamang sa malamang di ka pa over sa feelings mo sa kanya, be it LOVE or HATRED. So hindi genuine yung friendship na ino-offer mo. But when you've finally moved on from him, that’s the time na I think you could befriend your EX already –from GIRLTalker princess_brat

Kahit pa yata good or bad ang breakup, it's not a good idea to be friends right away. I'm stuck in that situation right now. We've been meeting post-breakup. We're "friends" daw, but look where it got me? Residual feelings are arising ulit. Kaya I said goodbye last week, blocked him on FB and will return all his stuff. –from GIRLTalker yellowjice

It depends on the situation.
1. If initially we've been good friends then eventually became lovers, then maybe we can still be friends once we break up.

2. If we've been lovers agad right from the start, then we broke up mutually or because we can't work things out for some reason, we can be civil with each other

3. If we've been lovers agad, then we broke up because of bad reasons (he cheated on me, lied to me, etc.) then definitely we can't be friends. How can you befriend someone who caused you pain? –from GIRLTalker prettygurl00001

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