Still waiting for your very own Ryan Gosling? Well, according to Science, you may be endangering the human race by holding out. According to a study published in the journal Nature, one possible reason we haven’t died out yet is because early women likely settled for men who were already part of their tribe instead of seeking out other potential dates from another community.

So does that mean you have to settle for the next “okay” guy who comes along? Not exactly. For one, there are already plenty of women who are settling for less when it comes to their relationships. A girl has to have some standards, after all. However, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to cast a wider net when it comes to dating. You never know, that guy who might not be your type could turn out to be your prince charming!

Want to increase your chances of finding a good guy? Here are a few suggestions!

1. Make yourself more attractive!
Science has the formula down pat. Smile, smell nice, and position yourself strategically

2. Avoid the douchebags and the disappointments.
If you have a habit of hooking up with the wrong men, it’s time to switch things up. Instead of constantly depending on them for, focus on yourself first! Make yourself happy and don’t take yourself for granted!

3. Follow these single girl resolutions.
Just because you don’t have a ready date for all those Friday nights doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. Find out what old dating habits you should throw out here!

PHOTO: Paris/Flickr Creative Commons

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