When you left, I lost myself too. I was a mess. I was wrecked, broken and lost. It was indescribable. The pain was unbearable. Every minute, it hurt.

You left as easily as you came.

I wasn't ready to help myself. Instead, I was willing to suffer. I was willing to bear all the pain in every fiber of my being. Until a friend told me, there's more to a person's life than her love life. I was crying to my mom when it hit me.

I wanted to meet someone new, just as fast as how you found my replacement in your life. You know, it's never easy to move on, not at all. I am still in awe with the reason and the manner of how you left me. Mas masakit pa pala sa bar exams 'to–the very thing I wanted since I was a kid.

All I wanted was to be okay.

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I was practically dragging myself to feel normal again. I forced myself to look for the Phoebe I lost.

So I decided to meet myself, get to know myself more. I left, traveled solo, and explored.

When I was out there, I learned that being in a strange city is just fine; all I needed was to figure things out on my own and a camera to capture the moments.


I started eating alone, watched movies alone, and cruised a new city alone while listening to my old school playlist.

I felt that I was there for me, and that should be enough—that should always be enough. I realized my worth, and enjoyed every being that God has given me like my friends and family members.

If you're heartbroken, go out and explore. It helped me become aware that life is beautiful and will always be. I also learned that being left behind is not a loss; it's a way to get to know yourself best. So to all who's been left behind, you're not behind. You're a step closer to meeting the best version of yourself.


Now is the time to go out and take yourself out on the best date ever. It's amazing. Trust me.

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