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I am in a two-year and seven month relationship with my boyfriend. I am happy every time we get to meet.

We are in a long distance relationship, and since the day we became official, we already felt the pain of distance.

We’re not the type of couple anyone would wish to be.

He's not macho, gwapo, and not even successful in life. I’m not the typical dream girl as well.

But if I have to be honest, people see him to be very lucky of having me. They say I'm just so out of his league. I know that typical relationships nowadays are based on movies and pictures we see on social media.

They have never imagined me to be with a guy like him; rather, they saw me being with a guy who has a stable and high-paying job. But despite those, there are still some people who appreciate our relationship, even if some are still a bit doubtful about us.

My family isn’t really supportive of our relationship. And even though my parents allow him to take me out and visit our place sometimes, it doesn't mean that they have accepted him completely.

Still, there are times that they wish him to be somebody else (this actually breaks me every time). Even my aunts would frankly tell me right in front of my face to find someone else way, way better than him–judging him as if they know him so well.

If I would have to name the people that have truly accepted us, I can definitely count them with my fingers. That is why I feel insecure and doubtful of the relationship.

He doesn't spoil me. He doesn't give surprises. He doesn't give sweet messages.

There was a time, on Valentine's day, he didn't even bother to make an effort to greet me. He doesn't initiate gestures for me to feel really special.

Men are supposed to do that especially we're in a long distance relationship. At least he could have prepared a long, sweet, meaningful, and heartfelt message for me but, no, he just said that he was busy.

I shoulder the bills on our dates most of the time because he doesn't earn well—that I understand. Still, he doesn't look for a better solution for our situation.

But I know his love is genuine and pure that I could really feel it. Ladies are lucky to have the power of instincts. We are never wrong with our instincts. I must say I can fully trust him. Whenever I overthink, his words of loyalty towards me overpowers all my crazy imagination.

I know that he honestly tells me the truth. His friends proved that he has always been loyal to his girl. And after some time, when he has the budget, he pampers me.

This is why I keep on fighting for him. He just needs to be understood.

That's what I want to prove to my family that he’s a person of worth, too, and that he also thinks of my own good.

As his girlfriend, I appreciate him a lot. I love him. Enduring all those criticisms from my family and friends just so he will not lose me is hard. Knowing that people want you to be away from the girl you love and wish that you were with someone else is harsh.

People will never see him the way I do.

Until now, we face the same struggles–still bothered with all those negative thoughts. Do you think I am just being too naive or am I just too bothered with other people's opinions? Do you think I am just so attached to him that I forget to think of what's better for myself? Or should I just teach him a lesson?

He is my first boyfriend and I love him very much! If you would ask me right now if ending our relationship is an option, I will say YES, but I will choose to never love anyone else again.

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