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I've heard of many stories of people getting stuck in relationship limbo. This is when a 'couple' becomes more than friends but less than lovers, and their major reason for them not making things official is that they aren't ready for a relationship yet.

Well, I think that's just a bull**** excuse. Why even invest time and feelings for a person you've no hold of? If he goes astray, you can't say he cheated—sino ka ba sa buhay n'ya to start with?

I've also heard of people saying that labels are overrated, and I'm like, "For who? For people who enjoy toying with emotions?" I mean, you do things that real couples do, yet you've got nothing to show. It's better to be legit single than just settle for a flirtationship or a romantic connection without labels.

Don't you think that when you're okay with a commitment-free setup, you're just settling? Sooner or later, one of you will get hurt—when one of you will want something more, and the other isn't up for it. Do you really want to sign up for this?

You're both in this situation because nobody is ready to open one's heart fully.
You're just wasting each other's time. Sure, you are scared of getting hurt or maybe you're still traumatized from what happened in the past, but when you really care for the person, you'll make yourself ready for love and labels. The fear of losing the person becomes greater than the pain of your past heartbreak.

It's better to jump into a relationship with both eyes closed than be stuck with what ifs. After all, life is about taking risks. It may seem complicated at first, but it's actually simple: You either set each other free from this arrangement or just make things official.

You can never prepare or ready yourself to be in a relationship. You'll never know it when love comes. It just hits you. There is no manual or school to teach us the guidelines to falling in love and making things official. It's all about being ready for the right person.

So, if you're stuck in an M.U. (mutual understanding or malabong usapan), ask yourself these questions:

Is he worth the risk?

Am I worth the risk?

Can we afford to lose what we have right now?

If you answered yes to all the questions in a heartbeat, then it's the right time for your heart to be in a commitment. And when it doesn't work, at least you know that you've tried and given your all.

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