Getting into a new relationship is a lot like going on tour. Instead of traveling from town to town, however, you’ll be parading your man to three sets of people in your life: your friends, officemates, and family. Scroll down to find out at which stage you should introduce him to the most important people in your life.

1. When the relationship is new

You haven’t even celebrated your first monthsary yet, but you’ve already held hands and kissed.


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Your friends will almost always be the first to meet your boyfriend. That was true back in high school when you weren’t allowed to have one and it’s true now. They know you best, and while they don’t necessarily have a say in who you’re seeing, they’d still want to meet your new man. The boys would want to size him up, while the girls would be sure to keep a lookout for any red flags. But don’t tell him that. You don’t need to make him feel any more nervous than he already is.

Keep the first meeting casual. Take him to a friend’s birthday party or to your regular Saturday brunch. Don’t leave him on his own for too long, though, because the last thing you want is to make him feel neglected this early into the relationship. If you have to leave to talk to a friend or call home, assign a friend to keep him engaged in conversation.

2. When you need to bring a plus one

You’re comfortable around each other and have developed inside jokes nobody else gets.


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You don’t necessarily have to introduce your man to the people you work with unless you happen to accidentally meet each other at a restaurant or at the mall. However, there are certain instances—say, when everyone else is bringing their significant others to the office party—when you might feel compelled to bring him to work.

Unlike your barkada outings, however, a work event, no matter how laid-back, is still a work event. Don’t engage in any public displays of affection, and conduct yourself professionally at all times. You don’t want to give anybody at work any reason to gossip.

3. When you see the relationship going long-term

You’ve both dropped the L-bomb and are thinking of adopting a puppy together.


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Introducing your new boyfriend to your family means your relationship is becoming more serious. However, before you spring this on your parents, make sure you discuss it with your man first. Is he ready to step up to the plate? For all you know, he might not be prepared to meet mom and dad just yet.


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If he’s eager to be introduced, set up a date when he could come over for a visit. Make sure he’s dressed in his best. He’s meeting your parents—he needs to make a good impression. Schedule it around lunch or dinner time when conversation flows easier. And if he runs out of things to say, he could at least compliment your mom on her cooking.

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