It’s a teleserye plot favorite, but getting together with someone from a completely different tax bracket does happen, and with it are a few concerns that are not altogether unfounded. Whose lifestyle will have to change? Will you always fight about money? What does his family (or yours) think of your relationship?

In her new book The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages, assistant professor of Sociology at Duke University Jessica Streib interviewed 32 married couples who are from different socio-economic classes and found out that in most cases, the wealth gap brings couples closer, not apart.
“Often, [people] who grew up in blue-collar families grew up in class conditions that were really unstable, and what we know about growing up in those conditions is sometimes people internalize a feeling that the world is an unstable place, that bad things could happen at any moment. So they met these [people] who didn’t think bad things could happen at any moment, who in fact thought that was quite unlikely, and that sense of stability, that the world was all right, was really alluring to them...” says Streib in an interview with

People from more privileged class backgrounds would say,' My partner just has this family that’s so expressive emotionally and so intimate, and they hang out with each other in a way that’s kind of unimaginable in my family, and they’re just so close.'”

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What do you think, FNites? Think that people from two different backgrounds can make a relationship work? Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, thinking of improving your finances? Here are a couple of ways you can do that.

Assess your current assets.
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Get back on track.
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Think like a millionaire.
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