In today’s society, “the one” is mistaken as a person who’s perfect in every way, but in reality, it’s about finding that special man or woman who would accept you for who you are. It’s that one person who brings out the best in you and always encourages you to be better in everything that you do. Here, eight individuals share when and how they'll know that she or he is "the one":


“If she makes me feel at ease—especially if she has that attitude that you're in this together, instead of you just being there to serve the other. I don’t want to jinx anything, pero during our trip out of town and we were planning where to go, she said na we’re partners in the decision making. When I heard that, lalo akong na-in love sa kanya.” - Steve, 28

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“Personality matters a lot. I don’t know exactly what kind, but I’ll definitely know when I see it. Aside from the standard of being mabait  and smart, I want someone who is easy to get along with – someone who has character that will keep me interested.” - Deej, 28

“Feel ko nahanap ko na si the one here in Sydney since I’m away from my family; it’s really hard to find someone who you can feel at home [with], who can make you comfortable, who won’t judge you on whatever you do and who will treasure you. And Clint (my boyfriend), even if we have lots of differences like culture, nationality and big age difference (10 years), he appreciates me in every way. He accepted me for who I am and I no longer have to worry about being good enough for him.” - K, 26


“It would be someone who can tell me when to stop. Whatever I say, do, or think whenever I go overboard and don’t have a clue. I go by instinct more than reason most of the time. That's why. Animals need to be stopped from harming themselves and others. Actually, everybody needs someone who can show us the other side of the story—sometimes to wake me up. Sometimes to confirm what I suspect.” - Glenn, 55

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“I like to think I've found “the one” if I feel like I’m in a relationship with my best friend. A person that can stimulate my mind with great conversation, can make me laugh, shares their interests with me, treats me with respect and makes me want to be a better person and all those wonderful things." - Bee, 25

“For me “the one” doesn’t need to fit a physical criterion, although I have a type in mind, it can change. It’s more about the character, values, and interests. We have to share the same values and principles in life. She also needs to have a good character that my family would like because my family is important and plays a big role in my relationships. She also needs to be as determined as I am in reaching our goals, I don’t want someone who drags me down or slows me down. Our interests may differ but I want someone who is willing to learn and love my interests as I would with hers. Maybe to so sum it all up, for me “the one” is a dreamer and go-getter with values, who I can get along with and take home to family.” - Marco, 25


“I want to see a future with them. I don’t really care about looks but we kind of have to agree on what we want for our future. We have to be on the same page. He has to have a plan about his life and hindi yung petiks lang. We have to have similarities... if not then what’s the point.” - Crystal, 24

“I'd say the biggest thing for me is how they need to be a champion for my well-being, even if that means sometimes saying things I don't want to hear. I need them to be honest and to not be afraid to lay down some tough love if it gets me to work harder and to strive to be better.” - Brittany, 25

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