An avid reader
"A girl who reads real books and not just magazines is a big turn on. I feel like we could talk about a lot of different topics and surely, her imagination and creativity are always on point. It would definitely be a fun conversation." –Jake, 23

Values individuality
"Girls who are clingy can be scary. I want someone who understands that a couple also needs time apart from each other–that it’s normal to have fun in their separate worlds." –Matthew, 27

"Forget being a damsel in distress. In this day and age, a woman who is independent but isn't afraid to show a vulnerable side to her partner is a keeper." –Jeff, 26

Knows how to balance romance and reality
"There’s nothing wrong with an idealistic girl, but there’s a thin line between that and reality. It’s important that a girl knows that a relationship is not all about roses and daisies." –Ryan, 31

Is honest about everything
"Being honest with each other is an important factor when it comes to relationships–if a girl can lie about the little things, what more when it comes to big things?" –Paul, 29

Has an adventurous side
"Yes to women who are willing to take risks and are always up to the challenge!" –Hans, 24

Is respectful towards everyone
"If you are kind and respectful to your boss, but rude to the waiter, that’s a big turn-off." –Will, 32

Knows when to nag and when to let it slide
"This is about a woman’s understanding, if she knows when to keep her cool or when to lose it; it says a lot about her maturity." –Michael, 28

Gets along with your friends and family
"I want a girl who could get along with the craziness of my barkada, my makukulit na pamangkins, and of course, my parents." –Kevin, 26

Has a good sense of humor
"Women who know how to have a good time are the best people to be with." –Stephen, 28

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PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Ryan G. Smith

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