A father has a lot of roles in his child's life. He is a provider, a supporter, a disciplinarian, a mentor, a coach, and a friend, all at the same time. He's the person you ran to when you need help with that tricky subject at school, and he's also the guy you could (and still can) always rely on to fix broken stuff around the house. He was probably also your first driving instructor, the man whose shoulder you cried on when your first boyfriend broke your heart, as well as your human ATM when you were a student.

Since Father's Day is coming up (it's on June 17, so you still have time to buy your gifts!), we want you to share your favorite things about your dad. It could be his protectiveness of you--how he guarded you against ghosts, monsters, and other things that frightened you when you were a kid and against guys who would threaten to break your heart now that you're older. It could be his generosity, his sense of humor, his patience, and all manner of traits that make him the best dad ever.

Whether your father’s of the too-strict or the cool-dad variety, there's bound to be something about him that will always make you want to give him a big hug--and we want you to share it with us.

Female Network wants to know:

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What do you love most about your father?

(Photo by Michael Champion via Flickr Creative Commons)

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